Struggling to write

Hmmmm, well it’s now two weeks since I added anything to my blog. I’m finding it hard to write here, almost a feeling of having ‘writers block’. Hopefully the more I write, the more comfortable I will become with writing.

In the past two weeks, a lot has happened. I have sold one home (an investment property in Darwin), and purchased another here in Alice Springs, which will be the first home I’ve ever owned and lived in, so I am very excited about my new status as an “owner-occupier”!

I spent Easter in NSW with my cousin, Rachel. We spent two nights in the Hunter Valley, staying at a beautiful hotel, the Sebel Kirkton Park, a lovely new but heritage-style complex with stunning Italian style gardens and great views over the valley. We had a day cycling around the wineries, and generally just spoilt ourselves.

Work is going great-guns, I have some very special days where I’m not only busy but also challenged on a number of levels, and it’s certainly never boring. While we only see about six cases of active TB per year, we do a lot of preventive work, which involves treating people who we know are infected with TB, to prevent them from becoming unwell. We also spend a lot of energy looking for active TB, which means talking to people who are contacts of people with known TB, and testing them and following them up. I spend a lot of my time with people who speak the Arrernte language, and am slowly but surely becoming an un-fluent Arrernte speaker!


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