Another Limousine Adventure

Very funny morning today.

Maria (nom de plume, as are all the other names herein) – Mathew’s aunty who I like but drives me nutsknocked on the door at around 6am. WB (7yo foster child) woke me to tell me someone was knocking (I don’t let him answer the door). I opened the door and Maria was sitting on the ground outside. “Maria! You can’t come around here this early and wake us up, it’s not on!”. Shut the door and walked halfway back to bed, then thought of something else so I went back and opened the door again, she was still sitting there, and I said “I have to go to work, WB has to go to school, this is not on!”, shut the door and went back to bed.

I knew it wouldn’t be anything urgent – she knows how to call the police or an ambulance.

When we left for school, we drove past the place where Grandad is staying now, and Grandma arrived the other day and is staying there with him. I spotted them sitting there, so we popped in to say hi quickly. Grandma jumped up holding Ashley, Maria’s 1yo baby, who is over 1yo now, and we had a hug, then some cuddles with smiley Ashley. Grandma then said, could she get a lift to K’s place (one of the carpet baggers she paints for). Yes, but you’ll have to be quick. I said, where’s Maria? There! I looked over at Maria, and she was sulking at me. So I ignored her.

Then Alison (Mathew’s maternal aunt, a terrible drinker around the riverbeds etc) came over with Ashley’s stroller and I didn’t realise she parked it behind my car. WB dropped something under the front of the car, so I told him I’d reverse back so he could get it, and I reversed onto the stroller! I moved forward, but it was somehow jammed onto the car, so Allison is behind there, trying to get the stroller off the limousine, and WB gets into the back seat, then Maria comes over and continues to ignore me, so I ignored her back, so then she said “Allen? You know why I bin come round? Because police let me out, because last night JON bin make me drink grog! He’s no good, I’ve got big problems!”, and she starts crying. Same old story, she fights with hubby and her world falls apart, she’s very paranoid about him. I said but you can’t come round early when we have to get up for work and school. Crying, crying, so I hugged her and we’re friends again. And hopefully next time she has “big problems” with hubby, she’ll tell me about it at an appropriate time! (Hubby is the guy who crashed his car oneday early this year, into a tree, and took off into the riverbed when the cops came after him, and escaped, then came around to my house telling me this mad cowboy story which highly amused me).

Then Maria, Allison, Grandma and Ashley all get in my car, with WB squashed into the back. I said, I can’t drive around like this, I’ll get in trouble, we need to give Ashley his own seatbelt. Alison, you’ll have to get out. They pile out and I put Ashley in the middle, and put a seatbelt on him, and Alison says “But Allen? I wanna come too!”. But there’s no room, if the cops pull me over they’ll make me pay $450.

It’s okay Allen, we’ll take taxi!

So they pile out again, I put the boot up so they can rescue the (miraculously undamaged!) stroller, and WB and I drive off again!

Ha ha ha!!!

I think they were a bit cranky at me, but they’ll get over it – I’m not breaking the law like that, I happen to value keeping my drivers’ licence!!!

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