Tonight she died

Tonight my mother arrived in Phnom Penh from New Zealand, and my good friend’s mother arrived with her from France.  They met up in Singapore, arriving in Phnom Penh on the same flight.

We were sitting poolside sipping wine at our boutique hotel when a call came through from one of the nurses.  14yo’s father wanted to let me know that tonight she passed away.

That is the reality of the world.  The well-off luxuriate, while the anguish of  poverty kills others.  All in the same moment in time.

RIP, beautiful girl.

4 thoughts on “Tonight she died

    1. I have been following her progress. Sad. Glad your mother is with you. Have Suzy here. Jose’s friend. Pleased that you have made contact. Love Rae


  1. I’m so sorry to hear this, Helen. Please enjoy your time with your Mum in the knowledge that, because you were raised in a country that allowed you to receive a good education, and by someone who taught you the value of every human being, you are now able to use your knowledge and care to make people’s lives happier and healthier. xx


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