Special Farewells

A quick message from Phnom Penh Airport.

Last night I received a message from one of the Alice Springs town camp kids I have known since she was five years old.  She is a real stand-out and now at 16, attending boarding school with a focus on her education which if you knew where she comes from, is no mean feat.  I was so chuffed to get this message from her:

Hey Helen how are you going ?  Um I was just wandering what’s the job that you are doing called?, because I’m thinking about doing something like what your doing when I leave school

If that wasn’t uplifting enough, as I checked my emails at the airport, twelve separate emails arrived in my inbox from the orphans who are learning to use email and obviously continuing with their English studies.  Each email is a little different but here are a couple to give you the general gist:

hello helen
how are you?
i love you
i like banana, i like apple, i like coconut,
i like orange,i like tomato,i like to swim,
i like skate,i am happy,thank you helen
i am fine thank you
i like to go to skate with you
i want to study English
i love you helen thank you

And another:

hello helen
how are you?
i love helen.
i like basketball
i will be a guide
i will skate
i like study english
i am happy.
i like study computer.
good bye

Win rang me at 4pm.  He knew that was check-in time and wanted to ensure I didn’t need anything.

I leave Cambodia feeling very loved and the feeling is returned!  Thanks and Goodbye, Cambodia!!

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