New York Headlines and News From Cambodia

Any headlines from New York are interesting because, well, they just are!  This from this morning:

Thousands honour slain NYPD officer
Cops again turn backs on Mayor
Bratton: “Very inappropriate” to turn backs
Man, 31, shot and killed on Chinatown street
Suspect fired shots into Bronx Bodega
Arizona: Officer shot in face.  Suspect kills himself.
Texas: 3 adults, 1 child found dead in home
Long Island man dies after being hit by a police car.
Police: Long Island woman drove drunk with son in car
Missing Air Asia jet “likely at bottom of sea”
Greece: hundreds rescued from burning ferry
Chris Rock files for divorce
“Hobbit” rules the Box Office
New Al Qaeda threats against US
CA: Man stole hearse with body inside
Facebook apologises for “Year in Review”
War in Afghanistan is officially over
Hundreds celebrate Good Riddance Day where people shred their bad memories of 2014
Father gives daughter an actual frozen doll for Christmas, rather than a “Frozen” doll.  Accompanying video footage <hilarious> followed by commentators suggesting in song that the little girl “let it go”!

Blazers beat The Knicks
Jets beat The Dolphins
Eagles beat The Giants
Harbaugh out as 49ers coach

Weather: partly cloudy, high 43F.  Tomorrow: partly cloudy, high 37

Traffic: Cars moving along very nicely as people make their way into the city – cars not even having to pump the brakes which they typically have to do.  It’s much the same across the city.

This morning Helen will attend an 0930am film because in New York City you can do anything at any time of the day and soon she won’t be seeing any films at all!

One of our “Mums” at the Children’s Home (the name used for the carers who cook, clean and look after the children) broke her leg at work about six weeks ago.  There is a lot of discussion happening about whether we can continue to employ her for the extended duration it is taking for her leg to heal (likely caused by underlying malnutrition).  Thankfully Cambodia does have labor laws, which should help our decision.  It is awful having to discuss the livelihood of someone who earns $100 per month and could face all the complications and stresses of extreme poverty if she loses her only income.  I am looking forward to getting back there and sinking my teeth into being productive again.  The blogs should develop more of a human-interest aspect to them soon enough.

The person I am most excited about seeing again is little Dara, the amputee from Shackville.  None of my friends have seen him since I left town and so we think he has returned to his grandparents’ village.  Thankfully Chom knows the way there so we will head out there on his tuk-tuk a day or two after my arrival in town.  I’m also attending a local non profit organisation’s ten-year anniversary celebrations the day of my return.  The following day I have an appointment at Phter Koma to discuss recommencement of the children’s English lessons.  The first Saturday I am back I’m leading a staff meeting at Phter Koma.  Lots to look forward to!  Meanwhile, the near-panic about my pending departure from here is starting to take hold, so forgive me if my blogs, which I know have seemed more “travel journal” recently, are less intelligible over the next few days.

Below, a recent email exchange with one of the Phter Koma children (who I’ve Skyped with weekly in my absence), to end with a chuckle:

hello Helen
how are you? I am fine
I am smart boy
are your smart
merry chaistmas

Hello <name>!
I am fine thank you.  Thank you for emailing me.
Yes, you are smart, I agree.  But are you kind?  That is more important!
Yes, I am also a bit smart.  Maybe not as smart as you though.
Merry Christmas and see you on 6 January!
Love from

2 thoughts on “New York Headlines and News From Cambodia

  1. There is always a human interest aspect to your blogs which is a big part of the attraction. Keep up the good work, Helen.


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