Update on Being Twenty

Yesterday I received this message from Sokum’s husband. It’s not a good medical description of her condition but it’s an excellent description of what she and her family are experiencing right now and of why I’m hoping along with them that the money for her surgery can somehow be raised in time. Anyone touched by this with any small amount to give can donate at the GoFundMe page Here  or contact me privately for other options.


I’m good, Sokum very thin and often sick because she eat a little bit and take medicine more than eat. The blood of her body difficult to control that’s make her often sick and heart unusual very fast that’s cause make her tired.

Doctor said that can’t waiting to much time if keep a long time will dangerous and can’t treatment.

So, my family and me trying to working hard to find money to support for surgery that’s sooner.

We will do surgery for her in early October. Surgery will organize at Calemet Health Hospital in Phnom Penh City, Cambodia.

Best thanks and gratitude to you helen and your team very working hard to support us. ❤

We hope to see and to say something with you when you come back to Cambodia..💑

See you soon❤

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