Free Lunch Kid

Back in Australia I am enrolled in university studies and short courses, working in a small remote Australian town with not a lot of news and not a lot of spare time.  This blog will take a back seat for the next six months or so, but I will share some of my essays as I write them, and a few other tid-bits as possible.

In our current global political climate, with so much promotion of blame, hate and punishment of anyone deemed “undeserving”, this message represents my feelings on what is right in this world that we all share together.

Free Lunch Kid

6 thoughts on “Free Lunch Kid

  1. I wonder if Free Lunches are still available, now that this country is a meaner place? I hope so.

    Whatever you blog about, Helen, I look forward to it.

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  2. I agree with the 3 previous “thoughts”. I think breakfasts/lunches are available in some areas of NZ. Not sure how they are funded, but I think volunteers at least assist with distribution.

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  3. Giving kids food is a vexed issue today, different from the situation 40 years ago.

    Overweight and obesity follow the social gradient, with poorer kids being the fatter kids. In today’s world if kids are coming to school hungry they will continue to eat the free food they are entitled to, even when they’ve come to school via McDonalds. The outcome is not greater equity.

    A whole new approach is required to global food and nutrition, where healthy food is a right, not a source of profits. Banning advertising of fast food would be a good place to start.


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