A Little Good News….

Very briefly, I’m happy to report that some convoluted discussions led to Mary being put back onto her TB medication.  Details are murky but 4 days later she had gained 100g, and 1 week on from that she had gained 300g.  With bated breath we are hopeful these are signs of a cure in the making.

Meanwhile, some weeks ago a strong gale blew havoc through Mary’s community.  Particularly concerning was the home of an intellectually disabled woman which lost one of its three walls, and its roof.  The community took her in but with everyone living in little shanty huts, noone could really afford the room, so we contributed the materials and labor to replace her home.  I’ve labelled the photos for those who, like me, might not recognise which is which but my colleague has assured me that the replacement is much stronger.


3 thoughts on “A Little Good News….

  1. Great news for Mary, I hope the treatment continues.
    Can you send me details to contribute, I am on holiday and can surely afford to contribute.
    Love , Beth x



  2. Hi Helen. Hopefully you get this. I have been trying to find a way of contacting you as my computer crashed and only a few of my contacts remain so I’ve lost your email address and Carmels. Please email me back if you can so I can stay intouch. Looks like you are still doing good things and your life is still busy giving to others.


    1. Hi Sally
      I sent an email to the latest address I have, and waiting on info from Carmel in case that address is no longer current. She said she’s tried contacting you a few times without success.


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