Scales and Skills

I’ve been in Australia since April.  Since then I’ve been helping Cambodia out a little from afar, but mainly focused on studies and work here, saving for the next jaunt to Cambodia early next year.  That’s why there’s been a paucity of blog posts.

Earlier this year I obtained a set of butcher scales and organised to have a sling made to hang from them in order to weigh children.  The scales are very versatile, and we’ve hung them mainly from ceiling rafters, but tree branches also work.  These babies rarely get weighed and it’s been such a joy teaching their mothers a little bit about how to keep their children healthy.

TB baby (“Mary”) remains malnourished but slowly improving, I hear very little except a weekly report on current weight as my colleague continues to make good use of her new skills and scales.  And usually a weekly gallery of photographs and videos of the children and families I know, with updates of various struggles such as boats sinking, houses blowing away, school uniforms and resources being distributed.  I pine to be there but soon enough I will be again.

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