Stop the Nonsense

How is this normal or acceptable?

Hi ya folks. I just want to say. It’s just been like a prison in here. We’re shut down. We can’t see our family. And I think when you’re my age, you deserve to see your family. And so what you want is a lot of happy faces, round about you. So please try and help, and do all you can. There must be loads of others like me, waiting to see their bairns…. I’ve got good carers, and the staff is really good here, the food is good, everything… But this is what you want, your bairn in front of you, when you’re old.

In late 1889, a new virus killed 1m people. It affected the old and men more than the young and women. It returned for a smaller 2nd wave in late 1890. Genomic evidence suggests it was OC43, a coronavirus that now causes common colds. More at New Scientist: An Uncommon Cold

Review from Baby Milk Action on the exploitation of companies feigning humanitarian motives to promote their products amidst pandemic fears.

Impact on infant nutrition as per this one example from British Medical Journal about disruption of breastfeeding in India which starts:

In mid-April, Arun Gupta came across a string of photographs on social media that sent alarm bells ringing in his head. The photographs1 showed police officers, state administrators, and representatives of non-profit organisations such as the Ladli Foundation Trust distributing infant formula, including the Nestle products Lactogen and Cerelac, as part of pandemic relief efforts during India’s lockdown.

In Adelaide, Australia, four newborn babies in a single month are reported to have died from treatable cardiac conditions. This Guardian article omits to mention that available interstate specialist care was denied due to lockdown.

Morning Television in the UK thought this was a nice way to reintroduce their breakfast hosts to the audience. Science a la 2020.

Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby drumming up anxiety on breakfast TV

The Tom Woods show is a podcast series by Tom Woods, an author, historian and libertarian. Episode 1758 is an interview with Nick Hudson who founded PANDA ~ Pandemics Data and Analytics. This group are seeking to make a collective impact on pandemic response using scientific data that follows logic rather than fear in order to protect lives from the impacts of bad science and politics. Hudson has a lot to say, including:

There is a lot of bad philosophy of science going on … The narrative is:

there’s a new, deadly virus, we are all susceptible to it, if we don’t lock down and wear masks we are all going to die, even when you’ve recovered you can get it again, even if you have an asymptomatic case you can have long term effects. So it’s a chain of ten or twelve statements.

And the astonishing thing about it is, there’s not one weak link in the chain – every single last element of that chain is totally incorrect and contradicts the science …

The real story: we have a relatively mild virus for the most part of the population, in fact milder than the flu for most people; slightly more severe for the very old. It is not a new virus but an individuum of an existing virus, not a new species, and therefore we have T-Cell immunity that protects many people in the population, if you get it your B-Cell and T-Cell memory kicks into action and gives a protective effect that lasts for a long time. There’s nothing exceptional about the disease in terms of long term effects relative to other diseases that we live with consistently and without locking down and wearing masks. So every element of the story is untrue.

He also speaks about the role of PANDA in regaining the territory of open science. International support is growing quickly. They are backed by Professors Gupta, Levitt, Bhattacharya and Kulldorff, who he describes as “being very brave in standing up in institutions that are probably not too comfortable with the views they are taking. Certainly in a profession that is dead against them”. PANDA Doctors has been established to support doctors who are speaking out against the malarchy, and PANDA Lawyers has been established to defend them. The aim of PANDA is to grow their following so that they become a voice that has to be listened to.

“Two new peer-reviewed studies are showing a sharp drop in mortality among hospitalized COVID patients. The drop is seen in all groups, suggesting that physicians are getting better at helping patients survive their illness.”

Studies Point to Big Drop in Covid-19 Death Rates

Please. Let the nonsense stop.

2 thoughts on “Stop the Nonsense

  1. For a campaign which portrays itself as dedicated to saving lives, why are deaths caused by govt policies and lockdown being ignored?


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