Black Death, Censorship, Rationality

The constant horror I feel as the world’s poorest are being plunged into unspeakable desolation due to untruthful reporting and politicisation of a public health issue drives these blogs, which are really my only recourse for now. One of the tenets of Public Health is to offer truthful, proportionate and calm messages. This is not happening today except via people who are being marginalised and maligned by mainstream institutions and the growing mainstream culture of groupthink, for resisting hysteria in favour of rational thought. As one example, today I read an alleged credentialed academic accuse the Great Barrington Declaration of being funded by a Ministry of Defence contractor headed by “Sunetra Gupta’s boyfriend”. Gupta, an eminent and talented infectious disease epidemiologist at Oxford University, is a wife and mother. It all feeds into the reason that people with public health backgrounds need to check their nerve before speaking out against the driving forces of pandemania.

It seems that Public Health services are simply not resourced to push back against hysteria, even though it is an imperative part of the role of Public Health. This is why people like Dr John Lee find themselves coming out of retirement to speak out, and I’m so grateful for their moral courage and eloquence.

This 15 minute interview of Dr Lee speaking concisely about promoting a proportionate response is seriously good. If he impresses you as he does me, you can also hear him interviewed by Alex McCarron here.

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