A Blur of Bewilderment

After 20 years working in disease surveillance and outbreak control, the past year has been a blur of bewilderment.  A horrific respiratory virus that most people don’t know they have?  An infection fatality rate of 0.2% claimed by government departments to be magnitudes higher?  Diagnostic testing known to be unfit for purpose?  Childhoods, young lives, educational chances and futures destroyed because of a virus that almost exclusively only harms those who have already surpassed life expectancy?  One dimensional explanations of complex population-virus dynamics?  No human immune system response?  Asymptomatic transmission?  Indefinite nationwide and global societal closures destroying lives and economies touted as a public health response?  Health services decimated to make way for a single virus focus?    Public health experts speaking on their speciality denounced and condemned?

The virus doesn’t scare me.  The dishonest, disproportionate and propagandised response does.

Is the propaganda explained by this documentary?  The New Normal

3 thoughts on “A Blur of Bewilderment

  1. This was really good and yes downright scary as the previous commenter says! Honestly I was expecting a cranky, global conspiracy type video, but I thought the creators did a good job of avoiding this by putting in so many live clips and leaving dots that could be connected but not being adamant that they are.


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