Evidence vs Evangelism

Associate Professor of Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, Dr Byram Bridle is a vaccine researcher who gives an excellent ten minute summary on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines at On Point with Alex Pierson, dated 28 May 2021. His points are:

  • He is pro-vaccine but keen that the science be done properly prior to the public rollout of a new vaccine.
  • He has a couple of key pieces of scientific information to share, which he became privy to in the past few days.
  • Bridle and some international collaborators now understand why problems are occurring associated with the new COVID-19 vaccines. His information comes from peer reviewed scientific literature.
  • SARS-CoV-2 has a spike protein on its surface, which the virus uses to infect human cells.
  • mRNA vaccines get the cells in our body to manufacture spike protein which we mount an immune response against.
  • If we mount an immune response against this protein, in theory we can protect against the virus infecting our body.
  • People with severe COVID-19 disease can experience severe cardiovascular problems such as bleeding and clotting.
  • The spike protein on its own is almost entirely responsible for these physical problems.
  • If you inject a purified spike protein into the blood of research animals, they experience all manner of cardiovascular system damage, and it can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause brain damage.
  • The intent of the vaccines is that they are injected into the shoulder muscle (deltoid), and they stay at the injection site, with some of the protein traveling to the local lymph node where the immune system is activated.
  • Via a request for information from the Japanese regulatory agency, Bridle’s research team accessed the “biodistribution study”. This revealed for the first time, where these vaccines travel in the body after vaccination.
  • The vaccine does not stay in the shoulder muscle. The spike protein gets into the blood of individuals over several days post-vaccination, and can accumulate in a number of tissues such as the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands, and in high concentrations in the ovaries.
  • A recent study about to be published looked at 13 young health care workers who received the Moderna vaccine, and found the spike protein in the bloodstream of 11 of them.
  • The spike protein is a toxin which can cause damage in our bodies if it gets into our circulation (blood).
  • Scientists now have clear cut evidence that the mRNA vaccines make the cells in our deltoid muscle manufacture the spike protein. Both the vaccine and the spike protein are able to travel away from this muscle and into our circulation.
  • Once in our circulation the spike protein can bind to our platelets (tiny blood cells that help our blood to clot, but which are also responsible for clotting disorders leading to such problems as heart attacks and strokes).
  • The spike protein attached to platelets can cause platelets to clump (leads to clotting disorders); or cause bleeding.
  • This can cause heart problems and it can cross the blood-brain barrier, leading to neurological damage.
  • There is (currently unpublished) evidence that antibodies from the vaccine can pass in breastmilk, which can offer protection to babies. However, the vaccine itself can pass in breastmilk to the baby and cause bleeding disorders.
  • There are implications of these vaccines for blood donations; for breastfeeding infants; and for people who are at low risk of COVID-19 disease, which includes all children.
  • In conclusion: whilst we thought the spike protein was a great target antigen for vaccines, we didn’t know the spike protein itself was a toxin. In some people it enters the circulation to cause damage, particularly in the cardiovascular system. There are many long term safety concerns, for example accumulation of spike protein in the ovaries could render some young people infertile.

Two of the most prominent spokespeople expressing concerns about these vaccines have been Dr Michael Yeadon, previously Chief Scientific Advisor at Pfizer and Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, a world renowned microbiologist who taught immunology for 30 years. They have both experienced merciless character assassinations for daring to speak against the pandemic response. They are relegated as Professor Wolfgang Wodarg was after speaking out against the Swine Flu public health response in 2009. Professor Wodarg exposed the corrupt relationship between pharmaceutical corporations and World Health Organisation who attempted to use a mild influenza strain to create panic and thus coerce global vaccination. One of the rushed vaccines manufactured at that time led to hundreds of cases of narcolepsy in young children. Professor Wodarg has endured a decade of aspersions and muckraking as punishment for speaking out.

Eleven years later the number of reputable scientists being smeared by the same establishments has inflated into hordes. Many have naiively believed that offering informed clarifications of the real science would help to generate a reversal of the pseudoscience being imposed in the name of “public health”. On the contrary, it has led to unyielding antagonism and vicious attacks to the point that some have expressed concern for their own safety. Many have spoken about or been publicly outed as facing the threat of having their professional licences revoked, or losing their jobs. For these reasons many more feel compelled to stay silent. Others volunteer with organisations such as Pandemic Data and Analytics or Covid Medical Network, under anonymity.

As these dark times play out, the public remain convinced via complicit mainstream media, that a dangerous virus the likes of which has rarely threatened the human race, endangers our survival. This contradicts the data which is never spoken about. Somehow movement and travel bans, business closures and bankruptcies imposed on the young and healthy are considered necessary to save the lives of vulnerable elderly and already-unwell. Protecting those at risk from this disease using established, evidence based public health practices has been labelled impossible and a murderous strategy. Our only saviour is “the vaccine”. It is becoming a matter of public interest to know the vaccination status of everyone around us, as medical confidentiality erodes and vaccine passports are touted as necessarily linked to our rights to live freely again.

An example of the data manipulations that profiteering corporations employ successfully is use of the calculations for risk reduction. Explained in Smart Health Choices: Making Sense of Health Advice Chapter 18 and by Dr Mobeen in this YouTube lesson, two basic calculations used to analyse the effectiveness of an intervention are:

  • Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR): For every 100 people who receive the intervention, <a calculated number> will be prevented from getting the disease. As the table shows below, the ARR for all four vaccines is in the vicinity of 1%.
  • Relative Risk Reduction (RRR): Measures the quality of the ARR. In the case of Pfizer in the table below, based on the YouTube Lesson from Dr Mobeen, 0.04% of vaccinated trial participants subsequently received a PCR positive test result and 0.88% of trial participants who received the placebo, also subsequently received a PCR positive test result. A calculated comparison of these two percentages describes the difference. In this case the difference is 95%. Using this percentage instead of the ARR percentage for a low risk event (less than 1% for both vaccine and placebo recipients), was described to me yesterday as “a classic case of sophistry, exaggerating benefit when the ARR doesn’t make the vaccine look great”.
NNV = 1 / ARR
From Covid “Vaccines” : A Faltering Framework, Dr Sadaf Gilani

Multiple experts are writing about the myriad issues with the vaccine trial results, for example Peter Doshi, Associate Editor at the British Medical Journal and Professor of Pharmaceutical Health Services at University of Maryland, in this BMJ piece; the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons; and Professor Bhakdi who speaks out constantly, such as this 5 May 2021 interview.

In today’s hotly politicised and corporatised pandemic, both disease risk and vaccine effectiveness have been promoted dishonestly to a largely unsuspecting public. The deployment of a raft of pseudoscience, from PCR testing used for diagnosis, to various statistical manipulations, and political and celebrity driven promotional campaigns, has been a highly successful strategy combined with using population-level fear to effectively silence anyone challenging the dishonesty.

Where do you think most of the virus packages are going to be taken up? I don’t know! And the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t know because it never looked! It never looked! But they should have looked! Dammit! They should have looked because now maybe you, humans, are part of the largest scientific experiment ever performed in the history of mankind“. ~ Professor Sucharit Bhakdi

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