Flattening Curves and Silencing Dissent

Dr Robert Malone, Virologist, Vaccinologist and inventor of mRNA gene therapy technology, is one of many eminent scientists who receive only negative attention in mainstream media and are “fact checked” by Google, censored from Twitter, etc. He is worth hearing in this informative interview (40 minutes) covering the issues of pharmaceutical industry capture and the coordinated strategies being used to silence dissent.

The British Medical Journal, University of Bristol and University of Newcastle, presented this excellent 2h40m webinar with a range of presenters and sub-topics, on Covid19 Vaccination in Children: evidence, ethics and equity.

China’s efficient Fangkong flattens curve
Australia’s efficient Fangkong flattens curve
Why are scientists and public health experts aggressively silenced for speaking in favour of evidence based public health?

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