Take One Look at History

If we learn nothing, we are doomed to repeat the worst of our mistakes. No government, no dictator, no authoritarian, has ever said that what they are doing is not for the best interests of their people and country.
War is always for peace.
Genocide is to protect the nation state.
Segregation. Apartheid is humane, right and for your own safety.
Slavery. Slavery was backed by science and religion, and the work of the intellectual ruling class of its day.
Once we see the side effects and the adverse reactions to our societies it is often too late.

From The Constant Struggle, by @therealrukshan

Once the citadel of Australia’s chic Left wing, Melbourne seems to have turned into some crazy reactionary right wing extremist hub, if you believe government-funded and accredited news media. Or are the rumbling hordes in this 13 second video footage of protests outside Parliament House on 13 November 2021 merely reflective of the global grassroots movement of ordinary people who recognise the threat our democracies are under?

The Awake vs The Normals: a 13m video about why we think differently on this issue.

Soon enough, and hopefully before it’s too late, everyone will claim to have been against lockdown and totalitarian measures claiming to be about “safety”. Even canaries accumulating evidence of anti-lockdown opinion for informant purposes, today’s version of Eastern Europe’s Stasi, will insist they were always anti-lockdown and never pro-tyranny.

Stazi style establishing globally
To maintain power for 40 years while their people starved and plotted to escape, the Communist Party had to get very good at controlling people and undermining anti-state activists.
Psychological Policing, Propaganda, Gaslighting are three elements which seem familiar with events of today.

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