Speaking Out With Science

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science held a press conference on 15 November 2021.

Dr Alison Goodwin, General Practitioner

We are not giving individual medical advice. These are our personal views. People should check the government website to obtain a range of views. We are not being paid or influenced to be here.

I graduated in 1993 and worked in an Emergency Department until GP training in 2009. I became a Fellow of the College of GPs in 2013. I have done additional training in lifestyle medicine and I understand the power that nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management can have over our health, including prevention and treating chronic disease and reducing vulnerabilities to infectious disease. Most doctors have not trained in these areas and are unaware of the power of lifestyle interventions.

From the start of the pandemic, I had concerns about the New Zealand response. There was no focus on health creation and noone was counting the cost of the measures imposed on the population. We only heard from a few academics, most of whom were not working in clinical areas. I listened to these local experts and found them lacking, so in addition I have spent probably over 1500 hours listening to and learning from a range of overseas experts in a variety of fields. This includes practising physicians in ICU, Emergency departments, cardiology, General Practice, as well as scientists, vaccine developers, immunologists, virologists, pathologists and others.

I tried to engage in questions and discussions in the limited available medical forums but was mostly ignored or fobbed off with partial answers. It became obvious as 2020 progressed, that the goal was a vaccine and treatment was not part of the agenda. Strict containment measures were required until everyone could be offered a vaccine.

Early in 2021 I felt increasingly uncomfortable about the inexorable push for a vaccine to the exclusion of all else. I was also concerned about the proposed use of a new technology on such a wide scale, the short length of the clinical trials and the small numbers of participants used to provide interim data that the national program was based upon. Also about the fact that Medsafe had a lot of unanswered questions even as the rollout began, the lack of liability for the drug company, and the continued lack of discussion about anything else.

The marketing campaign began and the only message was “get vaccinated, it’s safe and effective”.

I was disturbed that noone in the medical profession except Dr Simon Thornley was asking questions. Trying to engage with the profession got me nowhere, so I felt compelled to speak to the public. I spoke on a PlanB webinar in October 2020 to voice my questions. A significant number of members of the public shared my concerns. I have continued to speak, even though I am more comfortable having individual medical discussions with patients.

1. We are in the middle of a pandemic of a deadly disease;
2. The PCR test is a valid diagnostic tool;
3. Nothing other than mass vaccination can be done.
All of these assumptions should be debated and challenged.

I have a document from the Ministry of Health which includes a sentence that “Most people experience mild illness and recover completely using symptomatic and supportive treatments for viruses such as rest, fluids and anti-fever medication”. The public has been made to think that if they catch Covid-19 they are going to die. Nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of people, including the elderly and infirm, will survive.

Some people will die but they are mostly people already in their last year or two of life. Those people might want to be surrounded and supported by their loved ones at the end of their lives, rather than be left scared and alone. The average age of death from Covid-19 is 82 years, which is older than the average life expectancy.

The survival rate for our children and young people less than 29 years old, is 99.986% without vaccines or treatment. There is the possibility of Long Covid, but I don’t have a clear idea of how many people that is likely to affect and whether early treatment reduces the chances of that occurring.

The process of making a diagnosis seems to have been turned on its head. Now, instead of talking to a patient to get a history and examining them to assess for signs of disease, we leap straight to a diagnostic test and tell people they are sick regardless of whether they have symptoms or signs of illness. Has the practice of treating the patient rather than the test result become redundant?

We have heard very little about treatment, and in fact been told that there is none. At a recent international medical panel GPs heard from experts in Ireland, Norway and Singapore. Of the 23 questions asked during the webinar, this was the only one which remained unanswered, with focus on vaccinations and other public health measures (masks, PPE, home or facility isolation, social distancing, handwashing, etc). Not one word about how they treat patients, or what they did to improve the underlying health of the population.

GPs are being told there are no treatments, so when you get Covid you will likely be told to rest, drink fluids and take paracetamol or ibuprofen for a fever. For the majority of people that may be enough, but you may want to be more prepared. In addition to listening to the MOH, Medical Council of NZ and the College of GPs, I have listened to Dr Sahilt, America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Shankara Chetty, all of whom have been treating Covid patients in the community and in hospitals. If you are a doctor wanting to have more tools in your toolbox or you are a patient wanting to be more prepared, I suggest you listen to some of these people.

Having been a doctor for over 25 years, I know what an informed consent discussion should involve. It has been abhorrent to me to witness people with no understanding of medical risk-benefit assessment, telling the people of New Zealand to get vaccinated. Politicians, sports stars, news readers, business people, workplaces and business leaders. Repeating ad nauseum “it’s safe and effective” does not equal informed consent. An informed consent discussion should be personalised and private and should include the potential benefits of the procedure, but also the risks, uncertainties and alternatives. At the end of such a discussion a person should be free to weigh up the information and make their own decision. There is no place for force or coercion.

As the vaccine program has progressed, the casualties have steadily increased. The number of serious adverse events continues to climb. The official commment is “continue to monitor”. We now have, as of last week, 1,125 serious adverse events reported. Strokes, heart attacks, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, myocarditis, blood clots in the lungs, anaphylaxis, neurological disorders. This number is likely to be an under-estimate. These are New Zealanders, many young and previously healthy, whose lives may never be the same again. At what point do we say stop, this is too much, the risks outweigh the benefits?

Ninety four deaths following vaccination have been reported to Medsafe. At least half of these have been determined not to be related to the vaccine, but it is unclear how this determination is made. The Citizens Database has over 220 deaths. If we were doing proper, robust safety monitoring, every person in New Zealand that has been vaccinated and has died this year, would be on that list and their death would be thoroughly investigated. That is most definitely not happening.

I am disturbed by the medical profession. There has been no place for debate or discussion. As GPs we have been advised what to do and how to do it. GPs are the people most in touch with the public. We have not been asked about what is happening on the ground. We have been sidelined and ignored. We have been told not to use Hydroxychloroquine and not to use Ivermectin, but we have not been told what we should use to treat Covid-19.

We have been told to get vaccinated, and then instead of trusting the vaccine and taking off our masks and PPE, we have been told we must dress up in even more protective layers, separate patients, and assume every unvaccinated patient is a source of contagion. Some practices are not letting unvaccinated patients into the building, instead seeing them in tents or in cabins in the car park, if at all.

We will be expected to get an endless number of boosters to maintain our vaccination status. When is it all going to end? When will doctors feel safe enough to behave normally?

I recently attended another webinar titled “Can I refuse to see unvaccinated patients?”. How has the profession sunk so low that it could even consider asking such a question?

With regards to the right to decline a medical procedure, I honestly thought my medical colleagues would be standing, linked arm-in-arm on top of the slippery slope that is forced medical procedure, defending your rights. I am horrified that most doctors seem unperturbed by the mandating of medical procedures.

I received an email with letter attached on 2 September advising me that the Medical Council of New Zealand had become aware of online videos and publications in which I was discussing the Covid-19 pandemic and anti-vaccination messaging … I was invited to write a response to their somewhat vague concerns. I then received another letter with more things that they had been made aware of. [She provides detail of the process she is going through].

The official information that I have been showing and referencing may actively undermine the national immunisation program. But is it not appropriate to allow people to know that the trials are ongoing? That the mRNA and lipid nanoparticles are new technology? That the vaccine still only has provisional consent? That there were 58 conditions applied to the provisional consent? That Pfizer has no liability? Are people not allowed to know how to optimise the functioning of their own immune systems?

What are “anti-vaxxers”? It is an easy label to apply to someone. It has negative connotations and aims to discredit. It’s easy to dismiss an “anti-vaxxer” as a nutter. But what does it actually mean? I am yet to hear a clear definition of it from anyone. I have been labelled an “anti-vaxxer”. I have been advocating for people to be fully informed and free to choose. Those are fundamental principles of medical practice that my colleagues seem happy to toss aside. On my last day at work this week I wrote a prescription for a third primary dose of a vaccine for a patient. Would an “anti-vaxxer” do that?

If I advised someone with cardiovascular risk of 5% that the risk of a statin would outweigh the benefits and that there are other ways to keep their cardiovascular system healthy, am I an “anti-statiner”? There is no one-size-fits-all. There is no medicine where the benefits outweigh the risks for the whole population. So for some people, particularly our children, young people and pregnant women, the risks of this vaccine, both known and unknown, will outweigh the benefits.

At NZDSOS we have been accused of disseminating “misinformation”. [She talks of possible vaccine-induced magnetism as an example. She does not have a fully-formed opinion, has not been asked about reviewing any patients experiencing it, and has not asked anyone if she can test them for it. However she has seen videos of examples of this, which is interesting and she is curious. She does not discount it and is open to the possibility that something is going on]. Some other doctors have looked into the issue and found that companies making the vaccines have made substances with magnetic properties. They wrote an article and supplied references. In her opinion the phenomenon deserves further investigation.

In contrast to these doctors and scientists, the media have made a short 36 second video about this topic, stating the vaccine cannot and does not make a person magnetic. They supply no references or scientific information.

Who has more credibility?

Politicians, business people, campground owners, media personnel, Air New Zealand and others have been heard talking about how ‘great’ vaccine passports will be to “keep us safe”. I am yet to hear a medical person talk about what information a vaccine passport will provide. In my opinion it makes no medical sense. It does not demonstrate any information regarding immunity. It provides no information about your health. However, it does demonstrate that you have been obedient and complied with orders. If it is not for health reasons, we should consider carefully what it will be used for.

A quote aimed at everyone who has lost their job, and wondering what the future holds. From Buckminster Fuller. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change things, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete“. Personally I think we need a new health system that focuses on health, a new education system, and probably some other new systems as well.

Dr Matt Shelton, General Practitioner

I entered Medical School 41 years ago and have worked mainly in General Practice. My opinions, whilst informed and concrete, are not shared by most of my colleagues in the medical workforce. I refer people to NZ government sources to obtain a wide range of views on Covid-19 and vaccination.

We formed NZDSOS because of the commonality of concern around major red flags, especially the dismantling of long-standing ethical structures and agreements. We were not frightened of Covid-19, but intensely curious to learn more about the biggest medical story of our careers. We were eager to learn from the success with safe, well known and understood, repurposed and cost-effective therapies reported in the medical journals, but then undermined with fake clinical trials.

We have watched as legitimate questions and observations by experts that were early on derided as conspiracy theory, been proven as accurate. And seen the initial doomsday scenarios have not come to pass, except in certain parts of the world for reasons that are now well understood and can be used to our advantage.

Although we are frequently derided for being only a small group of doctors, those that have signed our earlier letters to authorities and who have named ourselves, represent a tip of the iceberg of more doctors and dentists, medical scientists, pharmacists, vets, economists, business people and community leaders and high profile New Zealanders … Tens of thousands of doctors around the world are voicing their concerns, joining together and sharing research, clinical experience and tactics. The highest profile leaders and eminent experts have been deplatformed, censored, vilified, and in a few cases made to fear for their lives.

As a group we do consider ourselves well able to assess data and understand the science. We understand the biases and groupthink that all special interest groups can fall victim to and we check and consult widely with each other to review new data, and indeed each other. Many of us have been vaccinating our entire careers and fully understand vaccines as well as any industry-funded talking head vaccinologists who have never actually treated a real patient in their entire careers.

Further, and this is critical, we have betweeen us thousands of years of clinical experience, and of interests outside of medical practice, of governance, medical politics, clinical trials, research and very importantly we understand history and the human condition. The struggle to resist and overthrow tyranny, greed and corruption. The instinct of some, for control and violence. Our susceptibility to the Faustian bargain of alleged safety in exchange for freedom. All these elements are on display as what could have been another seasonal respiratory infection plays out.

We have never before locked up healthy people and crucified the economy. Nor introduced a rushed vaccine with never-before-used genetic technology, into communities already harbouring the infection. This is a recipe for disaster.

Some of us and many of our patients have come to us as refugees from frightening and totalitarian regimes, and cry tears of frustration and pity for the kind but complacent kiwis that might be sleepwalking into jeopardy. They recognise danger signs in our country and we all see the harsh and cruel measures used against our Australian friends, and hear this week that fully one third of the Austrian population is under house arrest for being unvaccinated.

What has happened to our world and what can we do about it? Where is the humanity? The tolerance and kindness? The free speech and debate? And what has happened to the institutions we trusted to guard and maintain our cherished democracy? Many thousands of kiwis gave their lives in distant lands so that we would not be stopped and asked for our papers. It is not mere rhetoric to call upon the spirit of the ANZACS. They sacrificed so that we need not. Will we, today, make it that they have failed?

So here we are in November 2021, seven billion doses of vaccine with no justification. For a moderately severe flu. But most diagnosed infections won’t have anywhere near the suffering that the flu causes. Nor is there justification for the masking, lock-ups and social distancing when you look at all the evidence.

All so tragic. Especially since there is growing evidence from the ground and peer-reviewed science, that these vaccines do not prevent infection, nor transmission, and do not make any difference in the number of Covid-19 cases. Last month our Chief Medical Officer admitted in a statement to the High Court that he did not know if the vaccines prevent transmission. And our Director-General of Health and Covid Response Ministers both stated that they “hoped” it would.

Well we can help them with that. It doesn’t.

Research has proved that viral load is the same or higher in vaccinated people and a just-published Lancet study of UK households showed that the vaccinated were more likely to infect other people. And we must lock away and persecute the unvaccinated? Deprive them of their livelihoods, liberty, health care, remove them from society? For refusing an experimental jab? For an infection that is not deadly in almost everyone. Why are we not trusting natural immunity? And testing for it? As it is proving clearly superior to the temporary and inadequate results of the jab.

The protection early on that the elderly, at-risk population seemed to have against the original Wuhan coronavirus is fading, just like that virus itself, in fact it has come and gone. But we are now left with the variants. Wave after wave in countries that have rolled out their shots. This was predicted when you vaccinate into a pandemic. This is public health 101. It’s why we give flu jabs in Autumn. We don’t wait to see if there will be a flu epidemic, because we have learned what can happen.

But both Dr Fauci, and the world’s most successful vaccine investor, have just admitted that the Covid vaccine is failing. Of course, they are talking up the boosters. For which there is absolutely zero safety data. Even in animals.

A study of 68 countries and 2500 US counties, just published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, has just proved that vaccination rates are unrelated to Covid case numbers. Remembering that there is much to be desired about the accuracy of the PCR test used to justify the lock ups and the muzzling. Heavily vaccinated countries are having overwhelming surges in case numbers. Israel (exclusively Pfizer) and well into its booster program, Ireland, Iceland, Seychelles, Gibraltar, the UK and many parts of the US, have high numbers. In fact, Waterford in Ireland has just announced the highest case numbers in the country, in the face of a staggering 99.7% vaccination rate. No doubt the other 0.3% will be to blame?

In a recent hospital outbreak in Israel, 95% of the cases were fully vaccinated. The double vaccinated in Scotland now comprise 89% of the deaths from Covid-19, in a trend that has been increasing for months according to the latest technical report from Public Health Scotland. A month ago the figure for England was 86%.

As of yesterday, for New Zealand, only 17% of new Covid-19 admissions to hospital were in unvaccinated people. So the next time a social media influencer looks you in the eye and tells you that if you get the vaccine you cannot die, please recognise disinformation. But we must remember that the total deaths are still very small, relative to total infections diagnosed by a PCR test. That multiple courts around the world, and even Dr Fauci and the CDC admit is not fit for purpose. At the cycle threshold of 40 or above, as used here in New Zealand, most [positive] tests are false positives. Please remember that as the media spoon feeds you with daily community case numbers.

Our health authorities are refusing to let our doctors do what they are trained to do. Including to do no harm with experimental drugs. But instead gets us before the NZ Medical Council if we speak out on any of these issues. At least two of us here are about to be suspended.

We continue to hear though, from patients and clinicians, that CARM reports of suspected harm are not being lodged. Remember that these reports only require a suspicion, not proof of vaccine harm, and must be made if we are to pick up the signals.

We find it deeply disturbing that the NZ Ministry of Health is forcing many thousands of health, education and other workers to take the shot, which has also produced many severe side effects, and we suspect may be linked to the deaths of over 250 New Zealanders, and many more with life changing injuries.

As we learn about vaccine complications, it is clear that the difference between serious injury and death is pure luck for many people. Again, we challenge Medsafe to properly investigate, to please prove us wrong, instead of hiding behind the claim of “not enough information to assess”.

In an important paper from Queen Marys Hospital in London, researchers looked at a random group of reports to the vaccine adverse effects reporting system, or VAERS in the US. They concluded it was only possible to rule out 14% of cases as definitively not caused by the vaccine on the provisional assessment, before detailed and expert assessment must then be undertaken.

Austrian pathologist Peter Schirmacher found that 60% of a series of consecutive post-vaccine deaths that he autopsied were caused by the vaccine. With findings never seen in any other condition. A team of German pathologists has validated his findings.

Dr Jessica Rose, Immunologist and Computational Biologist, has a report on the CDC website, detailing by multiple different methodologies, the likely death rate to be at least 10 times the number reported to VAERS, which is currently about 18,000.

These systems are known to under-report, probably dramatically. It is very likely that our CARM system is very under-representative of the true death and injury toll. We are not claiming to know with any certainty but that is not our job. Our job is to raise concerns and we expect our institutions to do their bit.

Our government was earlier found guilty of breaching its own rules when they gave provisional consent for emergency use authorisation for the vaccine for the whole country. So it quickly changed the law. Does that same cavalier attitude explain why the Medsafe CARM system is so lagging with its register of severe side effects and deaths linked to this vaccine? Medsafe and CARM are being regularly informed by members of the NZ Health Forum as to their latest Citizens Database information, available on our website and which is now including some children. These heroic people are filling the gap that our health sector should be active in.

What normal human would not want to investigate these possible cases? We are in a clinical trial … Based on many testimonies from patients and health care workers, some of these are sworn legal statements. We can say confidently that our pharmacovigilance is failing. In clinical trials of new medications the drug is guilty until proven innocent. The US alone is reporting over 18,000 deaths on its system equivalent to our CARM. But multiple independent, highly qualified researchers are calculating figures many times higher.

Although some countries now seem to be stepping aside, it seems there are lock step coercion to jab everyone over and over, from cradle to the grave. And discredit any other treatments with mountains of real world evidence, and that will save lives if given early to high risk patients. Taking paracetamol and throat lozenges and waiting to go blue is the official approach apparently. Where is the duty of care from primary care? The GP College says these early treatments can’t be used. But wait a little and we expect to see a brand new, patented clone of Ivermectin approved at huge expense to taxpayers sometime soon. Who will also have to stump up for welfare payments to the huge pool of talented, dedicated and smart people now forced out of work by these mandates.

So now it’s the children’s turn. To experiment or not to experiment? Why is it even a question? If you believe that we should experiment on children, we can’t help you at this stage. Kids and unborn babies have their whole lives ahead of them for problems to manifest and to pay the price for our recklessness. Reliable figures are emerging. Putting children at risk from serious harm from the jabs, to be at least 10 to 100 times greater than from the infection itself. Children are even less likely to come to harm from Covid, than from the Flu. The incidence of heart inflammation from the vaccine is much greater than we first thought. And the Pfizer clinical trial did not have anywhere near enough children to produce meaningful results.

The British Medical Journal reported by the way, last week, on irregularities, mismanagement and fraud from the main trial. But this news has not been covered by the media. We are not aware that our authorities have questioned Pfizer on this.

We believe ongoing mountains of shame should be felt by anyone who contributes to cover-ups. And we now wait legacy media’s messaging, that it is common for children to have heart attacks and strokes, and that the troubling rise in death rates in people under 50 occurring in most vaccinated countries is some sort of “mystery”.

Check out proper journalists. Like Mike Whitney and Alex Berenson. On Denmark, Germany, Ireland and Israel. Who are all reporting troubling rises. And listen to the Western Australian premier. His hospitals are chocka. It ain’t Covid and he’s very worried about why.

In conclusion, we will continue to try to lobby government and health agencies on behalf of our people and our profession, whilst fending off their campaign of suppression and intimidation.

Dr Emanuel Garcia, Psychiatrist

I don’t know how I can follow such beautiful presentations of fact and critical thinking. I received my MD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986 and I began the practice of psychiatry and psycho-analysis in 1990 before emigrating to New Zealand in 2006 where I have since worked as a consultant psychiatrist.

I am no longer employed by a local DHB as of a few weeks ago and I am apparently also under investigation by the Medical Council by having dared to raise questions and have an intelligent discussion on several videos about Covid, about the Covid narrative, and for having written to the Prime Minister and other MPs voicing my questions and concerns about their health policy strategy.

I am speaking today as a private citizen, of NZ and the USA. As someone not advocating any particular kind of treatment and certainly not practising medicine … I am simply giving you my thoughts about something I believe is critical and very important.

I want to read a few comments, raise a few questions, and make a few observations. Firstly, from the NZ Bill of Rights: “Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment”. And next, from the Hippocratic Oath, as all physicians pledge when they graduate, which basically says “First, do no harm”

In light of those basic comments, I want to say that me personally, I’m not afraid of Covid. I’m not afraid of the Flu. I’m not afraid to die. I am more afraid of not being able to live as a free, loving, caring human being, who in order to live needs to associate with his fellow human beings in a beautiful way. I am privileged to be a part of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science, and to have found a group of professionals who have really risked a great deal to raise their voices about what they think is so important. Also to be associated with these wonderful local groups, Voices for Freedom, and other people I’ve met who have similar concerns about how the so-called pandemic, how Covid, and how health is being managed by the government.

Just last week I spoke with a teacher who was in tears as she asked my advice about how to deal with the fact that she was no longer able to work as a teacher unless she got the vaccine. She has been fired. Yesterday I met with two psychiatric colleagues. The mental health service is not over supplied with psychiatrists. We are over supplied with people who are really struggling. Generally, but even more so with the issues of lockdowns, social control and everything else. Anxiety has hit the roof in all of us. But these colleagues have also been fired because they refused to take the Pfizer injection. They stood for their principles and their beliefs, and they lost their job.

I know many people. I know nurses. Single mothers, raising two or three kids, who have also been fired, and have no way at the moment of making a living. So is this about health? If something is so good and wholesome and salubrious, why do you have to resort to Mafia tactics? I grew up in an Italian American neighbourhood, I know about Mafia tactics. You get blackmailed, you get threatened if you don’t do something. We are being told we can’t work if we don’t put this thing in our bodies, that they want us to put in. I don’t think that’s wise, I don’t think it’s caring, in fact I think it’s criminal.

I’d like to ask some basic questions.
Why are the authorities not allowing full and open debate of medical questions and public health policy?
Why is anyone who expresses an opinion different from the government’s narrative considered a purveyor of “misinformation” or “disinformation”?
Why are medical doctors and others who voice their opinions about the potential dangers of the injections and other aspects of Covid management under scrutiny and persecution by the Medical Council?

I’d also like to ask a few other basic questions which people seem to not ask much at all.
Can you show me the evidence that wearing a covering over your face, made of Chinese fibres or cloth or any other material, actually prevents transmission of a virus?
Can you show me studies that say that staying 6 or 12 feet apart will prevent you from catching something like a virus?
Can you show me studies that say that locking up and imprisoning people who are healthy, has ever been done in the history of humanity until recently and can you tell me that this is effective in doing anything healthy?

I don’t think such studies exist, but perhaps they do?

I believe the talk about introducing an apartheid based on those who are injected and those who are not is absolutely disastrous. I think it is absolutely terrifying. It is no stretch to say that this is reminiscent of the Nuremberg laws and what went on in the 1930s and 1940s in Germany and other Fascist countries at the time. Do we really want a society that is split apart, that keeps us from mingling together as human beings in one common group? Do we really believe that a healthy person should now be considered a danger to someone? If I am unjabbed (I won’t say vaccinated as they don’t qualify as vaccines, which prevent infection and transmission), please explain how I am a danger to someone else’s health?

Why do we believe that liberty is something that can be eroded, given up and discarded so easily?

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