A Topsy Turvy World

After almost two years the infamously misused PCR test, one of the first lies imposed on us in the guise of “public health”, is finally being tossed out.

Above and below are glimpses into how and why public health was bastardised.

Tony Fauci is the J. Edgar Hoover of public health. The sad thing about our health agencies is that they become templates for agency capture, a phenomenon that happens to virtually all regulatory health agencies in some extent or another. They become the sockpuppets for the industry that they’re supposed to regulate.

This happens everywhere. I’d say in the hundreds of law suits that I’ve brought against pollution, probably 20% to a quarter were against regulatory agencies who were making sweetheart deals with polluters that were illegal and we had to sue to force them to do their job. Polluters and pharmaceutical companies in many many ways are corrupting and capturing the agencies.

With the public health agencies, the capture phenomena is on steroids. The reason for that is because of unprecedented financial entanglements between the regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical companies. For example, FDA gets 45% of its total budget from pharmaceutical companies. CDC spends $4.9 billion of its $12 billion budget purchasing vaccines from these vaccine companies and then distributing them. You do not get promotions or salary increases at CDC for finding problems with vaccines. You get promoted by increasing vaccine uptake. So the regulatory agency has really become a subsidiary and arm of the industry. CDC in fact, owns 57 vaccine patents. So every time those vaccines are sold, CDC makes money …

NIH, which is Tony Fauci’s agency, owns thousands of patents. He, and that agency, can get up to half their revenue, and that means billions and billions and billions of dollars. And not only that, but individuals. Tony Fauci’s top deputies in that agency, under HHS rules, are allowed to own shares in those patents. So Tony Fauci can designate certain of his loyal tenets to receive patent rights to all the products. And he has designated at least four of them to receive patent rights to the Moderna vaccine which means those individuals, on top of their government salaries, will receive $150,000 a year for life from vaccine royalties, as long as Moderna keeps selling vaccines.

So those people have very little incentive to find problems with that vaccine … they want to see that vaccine sold. And that does not make good policy within public health.

Unfortunately the clinical trials for the Pfizer vaccine, which is the only approved vaccine, were a sham … They were supposed to last for four years, until the end of 2023. But Tony Fauci allowed them to terminate the trials in six months. So they unblinded the trials and they gave the vaccine to the placebo group. That means we have no idea, and we never will have any idea, what the long term health impacts of those are.

Why did they unblind it? Well clearly by that time they knew that the vaccine efficacy was declining … within two months it had lost significant efficacy. Within six months it basically has lost all its efficacy. That’s why people need boosters. And what we’re seeing in places now, like the most vaccinated places on earth, like Gibraltar, Israel, Vermont is the most vaccinated place in the United States, they have the highest Covid rates. So clearly they had to end the trials quicker than they thought.

They made a full report what happened during that period, to FDA. So they gave the six month study, and here’s what the six month study said. There’s 22,000 people in the vaccine group, and roughly 22,000 in the placebo group. The key graph is the all-cause mortality graph … you can see when you look at it, there was one Covid death in the vaccine group over 6 months and two Covid deaths in the placebo group. So that allowed the claim to the American people, that the vaccine is 100% effective, because two is 100% of one.

That is a measure called relative risk. Most Americans think they’re talking about absolute risk when they hear it’s 100% effective, and what that would mean if you get the vaccine you’re 100% not likely to get Covid. That’s not what it means.

It means that you have to give 22,000 vaccines to prevent one Covid death. If you’re going to give 22,000 vaccines, you better make sure the vaccine is not going to cause a single death or you will have completely cancelled out 100% of the <vaccine> mortality benefits.

Unfortunately, their own data shows that in the vaccine group there were 20 deaths in six months, from all causes. In the placebo group there were only 14 deaths from all causes. That means if you get the vaccine you’re 48% more likely to die over the next six months.

The excess deaths were almost all heart attacks. In the vaccine group there were five fatal heart attacks over 6 months. In the placebo group there was only one. That means if you take the vaccine you have a 500% elevated risk of dying from a heart attack over the next six months, compared to unvaccinated people.

For every life that they save from Covid, the vaccines are causing four deaths from heart attacks. That is not a good formula. If the American people had a widespread understanding of that, they’d be less likely to comply with the vaccine mandates. And they definitely would not let their kids comply. Because what’s causing those heart attacks is pericarditis, myocarditis and thrombosis. And those appear to be affecting athletes and children, in other words people with very robust immune systems and pulmonary systems, much worse than older groups”.

Transcribed from “CIA Mind Control Ops“, The Defender Podcast, Robert F Kennedy Jr

Below: how the mathematical modeling farce works to ensure adequate levels of fear and compliance.

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