Evil flourishes when good complies

The saying goes that evil flourishes when good men do nothing. The past two years have shown that evil also flourishes when good people deny it is happening, call it a “conspiracy theory”, and comply with evil precedents such as monopolistic authority, censorship of information and opinions, and personal smear campaigns in place of discussion and debate.

Why Are Healthy Athletes Collapsing? Video compilation of news reports. The above article will no doubt add tennis players at the Australian Open to their growing list, with Georgian player Basilashvili’s game at the ATP in Sydney abandoned yesterday as the 29yo struggled to breathe on court. A spectator at Rod Laver Arena was forced by security to remove his Novak Djokovic sign after Djokovic refused to produce a “vaccine passport”.

Life Insurance companies are reporting a 40% increase in deaths and disabilities claims among America’s workforce, those aged 18-64yo. The increase is associated with the pandemic response, as infectious disease epidemiologists began warning about two years ago. OneAmerica life insurance CEO Scott Davison is quoted as saying that it represents “huge, huge numbers”, higher than anything seen in the company’s history since 1877. Premiums are expected to rise as the costs are passed on to consumers.

President Macron of France has announced that he will no longer consider the “Covid unvaccinated” as citizens. Where might this idea have come from? Chief Minister Michael Gunner of the Northern Territory in Australia has announced that the “Covid unvaccinated” may not leave their homes until the “vaccine passport” social credit system commences on Monday 10 January, at which time they will also be largely banned from society. “If you look around the world at the mandates and the things that are failing, they are failing because people refuse to comply“: Catherine Austin-Fitts discusses how to stop tyranny in its global lockstep.

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