An Accelerated Pandemic History

Dr David Bell, Public Health Physician and contributing member of PANDA, wrote a series of tweets yesterday on pandemics through history, not without a little cynical humour. The following is an edited version, published with permission.

541–543 AD: Plague of Justinian
(Like earlier ones), Bubonic Plague, caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis.
This was deadly because antibiotics were unavailable.

1347–1351: Black Death
Another Bubonic Plague with a high death toll due to the absence of antibiotics.

First Cholera pandemic, and there were still no antibiotics.

1820s – 1900:
Still more cholera and some Y. pestis outbreaks, still without antibiotics.
Mostly blamed on the dirty colonies.

1918-19: Spanish Flu
Influenza virus. Nasty. 20-50M dead, including many children. Most deaths were caused by secondary bacterial infections. Still no antibiotics.

1957-59: Asian Flu
1.1 million people died. The world population was 3 billion.

1968-69: Hong Kong Flu
1 million people died. The world population was 3.5 billion.

2002-3: SARS
(Not really a pandemic but nasty virus to get, ~8000 dead).

The young generation of ‘Global Health’ bodies became excited by distraction from restaurant diarrhea outbreaks, and inaugurated a pandemic industry.

WHO wised-up & redefined the term “pandemic” to allow for more of them.

Those funding WHO developed GAVI (Global Alliance of Vaccines and Immunisations), and CEPI (Centre for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation) in order to monetize pandemics.

2009-10: Swine Flu
Pandemic industry kicks in and predicts a catastrophe.
123-203,000 died. Far fewer than the usual annual losses to seasonal influenza which approximate between 600,000 to 1 million.
Mass vaccination halted due to serious side effects.

2015: MERS Outbreak
Pandemic industry kicks in, predicts catastrophe, but it gets better without many deaths.

Lots of excitement, as it becomes clear that if you test lots of times, you can find lots of viruses and announce lots of pandemics.

Around September an unusual coronavirus (SARS-CoV-II) emerges in China. Worryingly close to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Gain of function research to increase infectivity of coronaviruses in humans “may have been” occurring in this laboratory.

(Aside… Tuberculosis alone kills 1.6M people every year. This number is expected to increase significantly as a result of lockdown harms).

2019: October
Event 201: Johns Hopkins University join Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum to plan for an unusual coronavirus with increased infectivity in humans.

2019: November
WHO releases new pandemic influenza guidelines advising against lockdowns, border closures and general community masking.

2019: December
Unusual coronavirus is officially spreading beyond Wuhan, the city where the Gain of Function research was maybe occurring.

2020: March
WHO declares a pandemic, and suddenly realizes that lockdowns, border closures and general community masking work after all.

Some very high income earners generously funding WHO, GAVI, CEPI and some vaccine companies provide assurances that ‘we are all in this together’.

‘The Science’ cult is inaugurated to hunt down backsliders using evidence to defy The Expert priestly class. This works well.

“Novel disease” definition is introduced removing the requirement for evidence of actual disease (The Science).

Lots of general lockdown success shifts wealth from low to very high-income earners, reversing African GDP, putting over 100 million into severe food deprivation.

UNICEF notices that almost a quarter million kids die from lockdowns in South Asia alone.

Cloth and paper masks perform well, reminding everyone that there is a pandemic whilst having no discernible impact on transmission. Which must be because some backslider didn’t wear one.

WHO realises that human immunity requires Pharmaceutical intervention, history is a hoax, and changes definitions to cope.

Many people, most already sick and elderly, die from and with COVID. Hospitals intermittently very busy.

Sweden cancelled for not dying more.

The Science requests child sacrifice.


Mass vaccination with transmission-blocking vaccines, but mandates are ruled out.

Transmission goes on regardless of many mandates.

Masks not necessary because of vaccines and then necessary again because the vaccine works.

More child sacrifice.

Pharmaceutical industry grateful.

2021 Continued:

Lots of boosters to stop transmission. Lots of transmission. Lots more mandates.

Twitter confused as to which week’s CDC guidance is information vs. misinformation.

Pharma still very grateful.

2022 dawns with lots more boosters and child sacrifice.


WHO negotiates treaty with WEF, Gates and The Science to declare lots of pandemics, with lots of lockdowns and boosters.

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