Our Hegelian Era

Mass testing of the healthy cannot diagnose infection.

To be infected with a virus, it must breach your cell wall in order to use various parts inside your cell to form new virions. This infection process, different for each virus, is complicated. Cells used by the virus to reproduce are damaged, which is what causes us to become unwell.

A virus sitting on the surface of our cells without causing harm, as viruses do in the healthy and immune, does not equate to an infection. If you are not infected, you cannot transmit an infection to others, because the virus has no way of reproducing outside your cells.

And so now authorities in China are requiring mass testing of the healthy. As has been embraced across the world as some sort of “safetyism”, using tests which are not fit for purpose and removing the need for medical doctors to diagnose disease. Note the instructions of where to stand. Also “safetyism”, ignoring what is known about airborne viruses.

Whatever this is, it is not “public health”.

With so much safetyism pushed on the world in an appeal to intuition and defying informed logic, what of other “safety” issues being sold to us?

One of the biggest topics promoted by supranational organisations such as World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, the UN etc, is climate change. This is also touted as our fault and going to kill us all unless we obey the rules of those most powerful. Their solutions for climate change seem as faulty as their medical “solutions”.

1940s Western Australia (top); the same location today (bottom). Rising sea levels?

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