Heroes of the Week

Dr Robin Wakeling presented findings from Pfizer Comirnaty vials as examined under the microscope by four independent teams of scientists in New Zealand. With the exception of Dr Wakeling (a PhD Microbiologist and colloidal chemistry expert) and Dr Matt Shelton (a medical doctor), others in the teams remain anonymous due to safety concerns. These New Zealand teams are collaborating with international teams working on the same issue, which Dr Wakeling describes as numbering in the thousands now.

This video was published a month ago.

Dr Wakeling showed findings from blood samples of people injected with Comirnaty and an influenza vaccine, Afluria Quad, produced by Seqirus, in this more recent video presentation. “Some of the most bizarre images he has ever seen in his long career“.

Dr Wakeling ends this presentation by encouraging robust debate in order for conclusions to be made about what exactly these structures and their purpose might be. He does this on a backdrop of severe censorship, highlighting the difference between “The $cience” (those not following the bankrolled consensus are “conspiracists” spreading “misinformation”); and actual “science”, which requires diversity of opinions and ideas.

An example of this is Dr Bryan Ardis’ theory espoused last week, about “snake venom” and Covid-19. Alerting the world to his theory very quickly saw a takedown from many of his peers. For example this response from Intensivist MD, Dr Pierre Kory. This is not “dangerous” or “misinformation”. It is normal scientific exchange.

Dr Stephanie Seneff spoke to Del Bigtree on The Highwire a few days ago, about recent published research shared at We Call On Public Health on 23 April. She discusses evidence of various pathogenic pathways leading to disease caused by mRNA vaccines. “I am just so shocked that people are so willing to subject themselves to this“.

Dr Arne Burkhardt has been nominated as this week’s hero at The Solari Report.

Dr Tess Lawrie’s video presentation to WHO, representing the World Council for Health’s submission against the pandemic treaty shows another hero in action. Dr Lawrie recognises the threats we face against, and puts up an informed fight in defence of, democratic values, civil liberties and fundamental public health principles.

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