Vaccine Injuries: New Zealand Doctors Speak Out

It is our opinion that this vaccine is harming and killing New Zealanders in unprecedented numbers. The next sections will discuss vaccine injuries and deaths in more detail.”


A Treatise for our Health Officials Who Appear to be Either Ignorant or Averting Their Eyes

This is the first of a eight part series on vaccine injuries.

Most people will know someone by now who has suffered a sudden medical event in recent months, whether that is a heart attack, a stroke, odd neurological symptoms, shingles, a collapse, blood clots, stillbirth, miscarriage, sudden death or odd skin rash.  Many of these events are occurring in young people who previously would not have been expected to experience them.

A variety of explanations have popped up in the media recently – long covid, climate change, the weather, holiday heart, atmospheric conditions, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), post-pandemic stress disorder, just one of those things…

We are not convinced.  At NZDSOS we are concerned that these significant medical events and deaths are occurring following vaccination and that a causal link should be assumed until proven otherwise.  We are not convinced that our health officials are recording, monitoring or investigating these medical events and deaths adequately as possible vaccine injuries.

We are not the only ones concerned.  Numerous scientists and doctors worldwide have been saying (shouting) the same thing although they have been censored and banned from usual media outlets so you may not have heard them.  Some Australian politicians have been ringing alarm bells and asking serious questions.  Not so in New Zealand.

Insurance companies in America and Germany have observed a 40% increase in all-cause mortality in the second half of 2021 among millennials (25-44 yr olds).  The Department of Defense in America, which keeps very thorough medical records, has noticed astronomical rises in rates of illness, pregnancy loss, congenital abnormalities and death among military personnel who are generally young, fit and healthy people. 

The Pfizer vaccine trial tried to hide an increase in all-cause mortality while claiming (correctly) the vaccine reduced covid-related deaths.  There’s not much point taking a medical product if all you are doing is substituting one cause of death for an increased risk of a different cause.

Doctors seem to assume that because they are doctors, they know all about vaccines.  Our recollection of training about vaccination at medical school is that it consisted of: “Here’s the schedule, go forth and administer it.”  GP training does not enlarge upon this.  We certainly were not taught vaccine toxicology, let alone history. It is not clear whether specialty training or the current medical curriculum has more education about vaccines and immunisation than we received.  Have our colleagues who have been recommending this vaccine actually looked at any of the science around it?  It is not a normal ‘vaccine’, and some of our colleagues who took their frontline worker shots were clueless about this in our conversations with them. 

Vaccine Injuries – Symptoms

The NZDSOS online clinic is assessing and treating a number of patients, many of whom have been injured by the vaccines, or at least whose symptoms have started in close proximity to vaccination.  Some happily took the vaccine unaware of any potential risks, others were vaccinated against their better judgement or against their wishes in order to continue living their lives. A few speak of the spiritual and psychological torture they felt. Perhaps their intuition was trying to warn them. 

The table below details many of the symptoms that are being reported to us and also to the Health Forum NZ.  We are curious how GPs are interpreting these symptoms, if not to vaccine injuries.

Symptoms of Vaccine Injuries

Body SystemSymptom
Neurological (Brain and Nerves)headache
brain fog
memory impairment
involuntary movements
weakness of limbs
visual loss or disturbance
Cardiac (Heart)shortness of breath
chest pain
Female Reproductivestillbirth
menstrual cycle alteration
Immune/Auto-immuneskin rashes
mouth ulcers
opportunistic infections
swelling or pain in joints
cancer reactivation
Vascular (blood vessels)blood clots
vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels of all sizes)
vascular dissection and rupture
reduced exercise tolerance/athletic performance
sudden death

Can such a long and varied list of symptoms really be due to vaccine injuries?

At the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) Meeting on October 22, 2020, a presentation was given titled “Plans for Monitoring COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness”.  The slide below lists possible adverse events that were expected to be seen.  These listed medical events were not randomly selected but were based on evidence from the clinical trial data and from data previously known about the vaccine technology and components.

The symptoms caused by many of the above conditions are very similar to those being reported to us.

In contrast to this list of serious medical conditions, doctors in NZ, as well as the public, have been advised that the Pfizer vaccine is ‘safe and effective’.  We have been given a list of common adverse effects that may occur, such as sore arm, fatigue, headache and told these will last a few days at most.  Mainstream media has even gone so far as to state categorically that “Long-term side effects of Covid-19 vaccination are not a thing”.  How can they possibly know that when the vaccine has only been in existence for 2 years?

The only serious adverse effect doctors were later warned about was myocarditis.  There was a brief easily-missed ‘monitoring communication’ in June 2021, more advice in August 2021 following the death of a woman believed to be due to vaccine-induced myocarditis and then a more definitive statement in December 2021 which appears to have been precipitated by the death of a previously healthy young man.

It is our opinion that this vaccine is harming and killing New Zealanders in unprecedented numbers.  The next sections will discuss vaccine injuries and deaths in more detail.

Vaccine Injuries Part 2: Monitoring The Monitors

Read Part 2 here.

In our view, there does not appear to be any intention on the part of the government, health officials or the police to evaluate evidence of harm we suggest is caused by the vaccine. There does not appear to be any intention to pause or halt the vaccine program to allow an investigation to occur. There appears to be inadequate monitoring.”


Vaccine Injuries Part 3: The Pfizer Vaccine

Read Part 3 here.

The Comirnaty vaccine used in NZ has been viewed under the microscope by several groups of scientists. Unusual structures have been seen in the slides produced. This has been brought to the attention of the Ministry of Health, government officials and the NZ Police on several occasions with a request for an explanation. There has been NO reassurance from any of these entities that what has been viewed under the microscope is expected and benign. That makes us concerned that perhaps there is something else in the vaccine that is contributing to all the harm we see. Our view is that if there is nothing untoward, unusual or undeclared in the vaccine vials, then the government and Ministry of Health officials should easily be able to state that categorically. Why haven’t they?


Vaccine Injuries Part 4: Discover How The Vaccine Harms. The Pathology

Read Part 4 here.

How could the vaccine cause all these adverse effects? This is a crucial question. The short answer is “Where shall we start?”. The Pfizer confidential post-marketing report of the first 3 months of widespread use listed 9 pages of different side effects!


Vaccine Injuries Part 5: Pictures from the Dead

Read Part 5 here.

It is not at all clear what NZ pathologists are looking for when they examine a person who has died following Covid 19 vaccination.  It is not clear how many post-mortems have been done …  It is also not clear whether biopsies from those still living with various unusual symptoms are being assessed for the presence of spike protein, lipid nanoparticles or synthetic mRNA.


NZDSOS articles (including Parts 6 to 8 of this series once published) and other useful information can be found at this link. NZDSOS run a Help Clinic offering clinical advice and support to those affected by Covid-19 disease as well as those injured by the Covid-19 injections. They partner with organisations such as World Council for Health, in a large and growing consortium of independent, leading public health and clinical expertise.

For information on the micro-tech being detected in vials of Comirnaty both in New Zealand and other locations overseas, this link includes a presentation of concerning detail and this link shares a video interview with Dr Matt Shelton of NZDSOS who has been working with NZ scientists analysing vial contents.

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