Would Have Been Worse

I don’t know how this person finds them, probably by searching for key words, but he/she posts multiple stories like those below, every single day. They match exactly the warnings from doctors and scientists that I’ve shared non-stop here for months. These are a few select examples of thousands you can read at the link.

For those who claim these are “rare” outliers that do not represent what is actually happening: Life Insurance CEO Reveals Deaths Are Up 40% Among Working Age People.

For those who claim that’s America and it wouldn’t be happening in Australia, New Zealand or other locations: many thousands of innocent citizens in Australia and New Zealand are now incapacitated. A significant proportion are also impoverished, as they are no longer able to perform as they could, requiring that they give up their work or have been dismissed for performance reasons. Many have refused follow-up injections and been mandated out of their jobs.

I communicate with many each day and they are studiously ignored by government agencies, media and doctors whose behaviour often suggests they are being intimidated. Homelessness, divorce, inability to care for children, reliance on welfare, relatives and friends, thoughts and/or plans of suicide are all stories I hear on a daily basis.

Licencing authorities have instructed health professionals that their job is to promote “the vaccine” and they will face “investigation” if they do not. Resistance movements like New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science are growing, not shrinking, despite these doctors (and their allied health members) losing jobs and professional licences. That alone must surely be a sign that something is wrong.

Young people are dying in unprecedented numbers. The elderly, who deserved to be protected because of their risk, and not thrown under the bus by horrific and meaningless interventions, are dying in unprecedented numbers.

Is it time to start listening to the silenced yet?

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