3 thoughts on “What On Earth Is This Guy On About?

  1. I use (all kinds) at work, they are designed to protect the wearer IN THE RIGHT SITUATIONS.
    Certain masks are required to be worn for certain containments – meaning the right mask IS needed.
    You are doing NOTHING with these “dust” type masks, W
    without a PURIFIED air system.

    People are ****

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    1. I’ve used masks too, in certain situations, and taught HCWs about them and fit tested staff, etc. They are intended to work to some extent. However it seems that in fact they do not. The pandemic will hopefully end up being good for these reasons: adding to the evidence collection and showing us what we’ve been doing wrong for decades.


    2. Also “containment” is for very specific places, eg the negative pressure isolation room of an infectious patient (with, as you say, the right ventilation and filtration systems in place).


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