“There Was No Science. We Made It Up”

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Financial Analyst Catherine Austin-Fitts speaks in this half hour documentary with political satirist CJ Hipkins, about “Mister Global”, a secret governance system enforcing changes over at least the past three decades to impose “new world order”. By the end of 2021 the planned control system was being implemented.

Anyone resisting the control system was herded, segregated, demonised and threatened with bankruptcy and starvation using the pretense of “safety”. By the end of 2022 millions remain isolated and starved-out, but many who initially supported the measures are recognising that something is wrong and compliance levels are dropping, albeit slowly.

Dr Michael Nevradakis of Childrens’ Health Defense interviewed prior New York University professor and author, Michael Rectenwald recently. They discussed The Great Reset: what is it, where does it come from, why are so many complying? I summarised the main points below.

What is The Great Reset?

A project to institute a new economic system called “stakeholder capitalism”. This was invented by founder and chair of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab. It is a means of wealth redistribution, and coordinating an entire economic system based on meeting the UN Sustainability Goals of Agenda 2030. There are 17 goals with 169 sub-topics within them.

There are many elements to the great reset (deliberately decapitalised by me as it deserves no respect), besides the economic elements. The technological element, named by Klaus as “the fourth industrial revolution” incorporates high tech, digital, artificial intelligence (AI), such as digital identities, central bank digital currency, the internet of bodies and the internet of things, the metaverse and transhumanism. These are the technological means which will establish the great reset.

What are the sustainability goals?

They were developed in the late 1960s to early 1970s, within world population and environmental conferences whose goal is constraints on consumption and production that the UN and now WEF both deem as necessary to sustain human populations within what they consider to be the limits of the planet.

Population growth, production, consumption and “equity” are included. Equity is a redistribution scheme in which third world country leaders are paid off in order to refrain them from implementing industrial development which could cause “greenhouse gases”. Rectenwald calls it a “huge juggernaut of controlling consumption, production and population all at once”.

What is stakeholder capitalism?

Rectenwald has called it capitalism with Chinese characteristics, corporate socialism, woke capitalism and economic fascism. Rather than a corporation producing for shareholders in consideration of profits, stakeholder capitalism requires that all stakeholders are taken into consideration. This includes employees, community, society and the planet.

As with all Hegelian Dialectic, this is euphemistic language which actually means the economy will be directed according to certain precepts relating to sustainability using the ESG Index (environmental, social and governance). This evaluates companies according to scores keeping them in line with the sustainability goals, social justice scores eg representation of minorities, and transparency relating to human rights and environmental targets.

Whilst it sounds ethical, it actually allows for a cartel establishment in which approved corporations pressure other corporations including investment managers, to coerce compliance with the ESG regime. Those who do not comply are excluded from the monopolised scheme.

What is insidious about it?

  • It drives up the price of consumer goods due to complex reporting mechanisms
  • Forces companies off fossil fuels and into “renewable” energy, which is cost-ineffective
  • Drives non-compliant companies out of business.

Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock who manage over $10 trillion, has said that if a company is not meeting ESG scheme criteria, they will not receive capital investment. Bank of America president Brian Moynihan has said those not complying will not be loan-worthy. The entire edifice of finance is now utterly behind the ESG scheme, including 4,700 asset managers and owners who have signed on through a UN Development Program principles of responsible investment.

As such, the ESG index is completely reshaping the capitalist system. The non-compliant will be starved out and the compliant will form a cartel which controls all means of production. This will further erode the middle class, to establish a two-tier system of oligarchs at the top, controlling all production, and the rest of us living under socialism. This is why Rectenwald calls it corporate socialism.

This seems to make sense of a meme I recently saw.

Dr Nevradakis talks about France’s President Emanuel Macron recently telling the French people “when you come back from your summer holidays you’re basically going to come back to a new society where the “era of plenty” is over, and you’ll need to get used to goods and resources being unavailable”. It seems the practice of starving companies of loans if they don’t go along with the new system is expanding to citizens. For example, banks will soon only issue loans for electric vehicles; California are passing legislation to ban fuel powered vehicles by 2035, the European Union are doing the same; and the public are being told to “get used to going without”.

Rectenwald states that reducing consumption within the developed world has been a target of the United Nations for at least the past fifty years. It is spoken of in hundreds of documents since 1972 and is now being implemented. This is a collusion between corporations and the state, to create a cartel scheme allowing them to profit but keeping others out of the game. This erodes the middle class small business sector entirely and keeps the largest corporations intact. This happened during Covid, when massive corporations such as Apple, Facebook, Walmart, increased profit shares and overall revenue whilst small businesses across the world were wiped out. Covid was a precursor / trial balloon which launched the bigger plan.

Nevradakis talks about the way that major companies and even entire industries went along with the Covid measures which seemed harmful to their businesses and industries, including lockdowns, vaccine mandates which limited the available pool of employees, etc. These measures led to major economic decline, so the companies have priorities other than immediate profit.

Rectenwald explains that this is because these are not free market players, but monopolists. They are trying to create shared monopolies in their sectors, and eliminate competitors (ie “corporate socialism”). This is done by complying with state measures such as Covid mandates, but also now the climate mandates. This is a collusion between corporations and the states. It is the definition of economic fascism, as preferred producers in favour of the state collude and collect power alongside those in state power, to implement state mandates and dictates to the public. It is basically the governmentalisation of private industry.

Whilst the measures appear counter to corporate profits, ultimately they are getting rid of competition, which is why they abide by sanctions.

Where Did the World Economic Forum Come From?

Rectenwald is completing his latest book, The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global Agenda. A chapter in the book is The Roundtable Roots of the Great Reset, in which he is tracing the roots of the WEF. It comes from a long line of roundtable groups that emerged out of the Rhodes Society which was founded in 1903. These groups include the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). [This is of particular interest to me as the first time I heard of them was when I watched, somewhat horrified, as Marc Van Ranst gave this January 2019 presentation at Chatham House, about his role during 2009 Swine Flu as Flu Commissioner in Belgium. He openly explains with some pride how he explicitly and dishonestly manipulated information to deliberately frighten the public].

Alongside Chatham House are the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR); Bilderberg Group; Club of Rome; and the Trilateral Commission, all of which are roundtable groups which stemmed from the Rhodes Society and are successors to Alfred Milner’s roundtables. [Milner was part of the Federal Reserve Cartel]. Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner began by promoting British imperialism and ruling class beliefs across the world, but morphed into a globalism which the WEF is most well known for.

The reason the WEF is so much more notorious compared to the others (who are also notorious), is that for the first time, they are operating their agenda in the open. The others mostly held their meetings in secret, abiding by the Chatham House Rule – a secrecy rule whereby whilst you spread the ideas from these meetings, you do not detail what was said, or who was present at the meetings. [This seems to be why the shroud of secrecy around the WEF seems to suit their agenda. Promoting ideas of “conspiracy theories” helps ensure many will continue to deny what is happening even as people such as Noah Yuval Harari and Klaus Schwab openly tell us their plans. It explains why many including governmental leaders simply say nothing. By creating a “fog of war”, implying nothing untoward is happening There are no harms to lockdown, it was done for our own good, there are no harms to vaccine mandates, it is all for our health, “crazy conspiracy theories” don’t deserve to be acknowledged, etc etc.].

WEF founded in 1971, beginning as the European Management Forum. By 1974 they had morphed towards global governance. In 2019 they signed an agreement with the UN, and are now partners in the 2030 Agenda. They have over 1,000 corporate partners and funders, many of whom sign onto the stakeholder capitalism idea and promote WEF ideas globally. The model was developed by Klaus Schwab in 1971, in a book on management and mechanical engineering. These ideas are now embraced by over 1,000 corporations and the UN, in partnership with the WEF.

Many of these corporate partners are from the Middle East, China, India and they are not only private but also government entities. They are not spreading American or British imperialism, but a multi-lateral, multi-cultural globalism. Klaus studied under Henry Kissinger and got many ideas from Kissinger but his globalism is not American and incorporates a cast of characters, corporations etc as a cover for an elite centred / controlled global agenda. The diversity and inclusion looks good, but it is wielded for the purposes of the agenda which is not at all good for the world.

What is Globalism?

Eliminating national sovereignty has been a goal of the UN since its inception. Julian Huxley, the first UNESCO Director, said that national governments are an impediment to global political rule – a single world government. The plan is to coordinate the world as a global whole. They attempt to remove the impediments of sovereignty by infiltrating themselves into state governments, which Klaus Schwab has openly bragged of doing. This is in order to get globalised policies into the governmental realm, and attempts to circumvent the need for a one-world-government, by infiltrating systems and corporate affairs so that they can push regulations onto consumption and production.

But borders are a human construct, so isn’t this a good thing?

One of the major harms is the totalitarian nature in which there is no alternative available to anyone when a singular one world system is in place. The engineers of the system can implement whatever they want. [We have seen this as governments, media and health systems across the world collectively ignore and deny the incredible health harms which have occurred to many millions of innocent citizens via enforced lockdown policies and mandates of dangerous pharmaceutical products, through mass silencing of all dissent].

The United States was founded with specific constitutional rights, which would be rescinded by globalism. People would lose their right to regional traditions, cultures etc. People prefer regional control to distant overlords dictating over them.

Across the world entire regions have been de-industrialised, which has had a major effect on people’s livelihoods and wellbeing as jobs have transferred away from domestic production. This has happened in the USA, Canada and elsewhere, with many companies shutting down and moving elsewhere.

In order to meet sustainable development, de-industrialisation is required – the UN state this explicitly. Biden has passed 12 executive orders which are de-industrialisation manifestos – dismantling the productive capability of the nation. This will be handed over to countries who do not abide by the regulations such as China and Russia.

The first industrial revolution was mechanical; the second was electrical; the third was digital, and the fourth industrial revolution builds on the digital revolution, adding new technologies, many of which are surveillance technologies. These are means by which all of the world’s assets and people can be tracked and traced. Again, Covid offered a trial balloon for these plans.

The “internet of things” is a way of cataloging and tracing all resources and having their statuses reported to central databases, eg where they are in the supply chain and who is the end user. The “internet of bodies” connects a human being’s organs to this database. It includes transhumanism which Klaus Schwab and Noah Yuval Harari speak of, eg “brain-cloud interfaces” whereby your brain is constantly connected to the cloud [although many say the technology actually doesn’t exist]. Whilst sold as a benefit it would be a two-way transmission to and from the brain, with central databases. There is also digital identity, a complete record of your every activity; and central bank digital currency, banking directly with the Central Banks and complete surveillance over spending, debt and savings.

Credit card and financial-technological companies are developing new technologies with tracking capabilities. Your personal carbon footprint can be tracked to the extent that you would have an allowance, eg one hamburger per week; one vacation every five years. This is being developed, and the president of Ali Baba spoke about it at Davos a few months ago. The plan would be to track the carbon footprint of every single human being, possibly triggering use of an individual ESG score, and monitoring your consumption of fossil fuel related products such as meat etc. This is why the WEF are pushing insect eating, Nicole Kidman recently did an advertisement eating bugs. When you see celebrities eating bugs, and promoting it as a glamour thing, you know it’s on the agenda.

The whole sustainability agenda actually comes down to a complete and total control over individuals. Population control is also a part of the agenda, under a neo-malthusian philosophy. Over the decades the UN has recommended sterilisation, advocated forced abortions; there is no end to the machinations of these people in terms of “reproductive rights”, by which they mean the right not to reproduce.

Since 2020 with Covid, movement restrictions have included such rules as not being allowed to go beyond 1-2km from home. Vaccine passports were used for this too, and couched in language around making travel available “safely”. A remarkable number of celebrities, at a time when Covid was very rare, seemed to claim having Covid disproportionately. Covid was a trial balloon for gaining control over human mobility and consumption, a test run to see how well the population would abide by the dictates.

We can expect to see more of these types of programs in relation to viruses, but also climate change. We are seeing the beginnings of climate lockdowns with restrictions and taxes on automobile use, travel, mileage, which effectively amount to a kind of lockdown. It is being rolled out already. A bill passed recently imposing tax on mileage, so that you pay for each mile you drive.

This leads towards the goal of “you will own nothing and be happy”. This is promoted by various seemingly benign sounding things, eg circular economy where you only use a car when necessary but don’t own it; and other “sustainable” practices effectively leading to an idea which Ida Auken wrote about for the World Economic Forum in which she envisions a future by 2030 where you don’t even own your clothes. Everything is rented on a per need basis. It is never mentioned who the goods are rented from, so all ownership will not be eliminated – the conglomerates, abiding by sustainability precepts and dictates will own everything. [This is consistent with historian Naomi Wolf’s advice that the only times in history when communities are obstructed from moving, have been when they are about to be either attacked (eg when the Warsaw Ghetto was locked in) or robbed by their leaders (eg when North Korea was closed off). She recognised lockdown as a precursor to something very bad about to take place].

The point of the metaverse appears to be to transfer the concept of ownership into a virtual reality, as a way of distracting and appeasing us when our real-life assets are taken. There are all sorts of assets you can own in the metaverse, but which will be outmoded in reality. It would serve as a compensation for and distraction from the real world impoverishment that the great reset will create. Whilst you are hooked up to the metaverse, your real world will be impoverished and restricted so that the metaverse represents your freedom. This is where the technocrats want you to inhabit, as they make your real world uninhabitable. Life in the metaverse includes use of technology such as smart watches, smart goggles etc. They are already talking about who will govern the metaverse. It doesn’t look like a great escape!

Noah Yuval Harari has spoken of humans being hackable animals now, and that travel is bad for the environment so we must get used to staying home. He also says many things in relation to humans becoming “useless”, with our only options being to take drugs and exist in the metaverse. This appears to have genocidal ideation implications to Rectenwald. If we are useless then elimination is not off the table and we have seen signs of this, with people figured as worthless, useless and disposable [such as the way the vaccine injured are completely ignored]. The metaverse is a placating escape hatch for a majority who will have nothing to do in real life, and be strapped through goggles or brain-cloud interfaces, so that they are immobilised in real life.

This is all very pessimistic, so what can we do about opposing this horrifying prospect?

Rectenwald says there will be mass resistance. We need to simply have a Great Refusal in response to the great reset. Refuse the technologies, refuse the dictates, refuse the digital identities, refuse the digital currencies, refuse the metaverse, refuse mRNA injections, and refuse to comply with “sustainability” measures. They plan to imprison us and we have to stop it with peaceful resistance. We should also appeal to some of those involved who actually don’t want to see the world turned into a hell hole and would rather see human flourishing but don’t realise what they are embroiled in. Liberty should be our precept.

Refuse mRNA vaccines, any other type of genetic modification substances, maintain our individual sovereignty and autonomy.

There are increasing signs of people becoming more aware and resisting, and this should give us hope that the Great Resistance is underway.

Rectenwald’s work is available at www.michaelrectenwald.com/.

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  1. My humanism qualities want to believe that people in power or privilege would never knowingly kill, harm or take advantage of their friends, family or communities. However, my experience and the events that I am currently witnessing tells me different. However, we must keep hope and faith that genuine and truly kind people will prevail.

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