Psychopathic Entities

One of these is in America, the other in Australia. These injections have to stop.

Dr Aseem Malhotra is a renowned British cardiologist. Last year he was interviewed regularly promoting the Covid-19 vaccines. He explains his personal journey through this in his interviews. Two ten minute interviews and his press conference below, which is still live at the time of writing. He is now calling for an immediate suspension of the Covid “vaccine” program whilst the data can be independently scrutinised.

Curing the pandemic of misinformation on Covid-19 mRNA vaccines through real world evidence based medicine, The Journal of Insulin Resistance, 26 September 2022. Part One and Part Two.

Here he speaks for 10 minutes on his critical appraisal of the mRNA vaccines.

Here with Dan Wootton at GB News, the only mainstream outlet daring to challenge the UK’s Trusted News Initiative media control structure via Ofcom who censor reporting.

His press conference today, here (may need to be updated once the recording is available).

Dr Ryan Cole, US Pathologist, contributes ten minutes to Dr Malhotra’s press conference, in which he discusses the damages that spike protein – being deliberately injected into the circulation of billions of people, often via coercion, force or blackmail – causes. In respiratory disease the spike mostly stops at the respiratory mucosa. Anyone who says the virus is more dangerous than the vaccine has not studied this, or is lying. “If they’re not safe it is completely irrelevant if they’re effective. And they’re not safe“.

The medical world know the story of DES. And thalidomide. And so many other harmful substances which have caused ill health following antenatal exposure. Yet today they are injecting pregnant women with experimental substances with no long term safety data, very little safety data whatsoever, signals of extreme harm, and for which many of the trials (eg fertility effects, in utero effects) did not stretch beyond studies using rats. Dr Malhotra is right when he says this is a psychopathic entity. It only stops when we stop complying.

Thank goodness more and more people are reporting on this, are waking up to this, and are saying “No, we are not going to go along with this agenda“.

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