Information That Could Save Lives

There is a lot of information available that could save lives being shared by eminent practitioners across the globe. They are finding ways to be heard despite extreme censorship. Dr Aaron Kheriaty, Professor of Bioethics at University of California Irvine’s Medical School until he was dismissed for speaking out against mandates last year, describes in this short interview how the infrastructure that is now in place across the globe can be used again in future.

This is no secret. There needs to be strong push back given the warnings being sent from multiple sources including financier Catherine Austin-Fitts; historian and Agenda21/Agenda2030 expert Patrick Wood; Agenda21/Agenda2030 researcher Sandi Adams; historian/author Michael Rectenwald; and many others.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi is a medical doctor and retired Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. He was the very first person I found speaking out against the insanities of the pandemic response in 2020. Unfortunately it was all in German and so I couldn’t easily follow him, but he has since joined the global resistance community and often presents in English now.

His research in the 1970s led to groundbreaking discoveries about the complement mechanisms of the human immune system. So he probably does in fact know more about basic science, immunity and infectious disease than, say, this guy (compare his predictions with this advice from a trained public health physician), whose associations all report Bhakdi as a “misinformer”.

Dr Bhakdi was in attendance at the Better Way Conference in Vienna in September, where he gave this interview with Bright Light News’ Glen Jung. Excerpt below.

A more in-depth, but easy-to-follow presentation by Dr Bhakdi and his colleague from Doctors 4 Covid Ethics, medical microbiologist Dr Michael Palmer, is available at a recent Childrens’ Health Defense Friday Roundtable.

All my life I’ve been teaching, practising and researching infectious diseases and immunological aspects thereof“. Retired in 2012, he left his comfortable retirement “not because I wanted to, but because I thought I had to“.

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