53 Performers in 3 Months: Victims of a Terror Campaign?

Sobering indeed.

Is this a terror attack on innocent people? Do the terrorists accuse those who don’t support their ideology, of terrorism?

Are the terrorists making plans for our futures?

Do the terrorists surreptitiously mean themselves whilst accusing others of criminality?

Do the terrorists have something to gain from it all?

Julie Powell, bestselling author of Julie and Julia, has died aged 49 of a heart attack. She was active on Twitter including 13 months ago and up until the day of her death. This is a horrible tragedy. It is also a macabre reflection on the impact that the terror campaign we are all living through is having on people’s humanity.

Know the Signs: NZ Intelligence Services have published a document advising citizens to keep an eye on others, and “if necessary“, dob them in for holding “dangerous views” such as opposition to government policies, including COVID measures, which may indicate you are a terrorist being “fuelled by conspiracy theories“.

The exact same approach is being used in the USA where journalists Dr Naomi Wolf and Natalie Winters have discussed their government’s strategies of trying to obstruct views that oppose the government narrative on multiple issues. Winters exposes that meetings between high level FBI agents with social media representatives have included bankers, suggesting plans to link censorship to a broader effort to impose social credit scores on the populace, using financial restrictions against those who engage in wrong-speak. This is normal practice in China and PM Trudeau in Canada restricted access to the personal bank accounts of those involved in the truckers convoy earlier this year.

Each time I think I’ve seen the limit of this story, I think okay that’s super-scarey but I can deal with it. But now I know the DHS wants to make me a domestic terrorist and PayPal is now floating this trial balloon … of $2500 fine and you get de-platformed if they don’t like what you’re saying. Literally all the exits are being closed off to peaceful critics of this ugly mess of the oligarchical financial interests, the big tech platforms of the oligarchy and the national security platform defending the oligarchy … stealthily taking away … our rights to make a living, to move around, and very quickly will turn into … a social credit system exactly like China, which can keep all of us in our homes indefinitely, or switch off our access to our money, our transportation, our schools, society. In the blink of an eye. This is unbelivably terrifying. Millions of people are watching and thinking oh my gosh I spoke up at my PTA conference, I spoke up on Facebook … Are they going to come for me? … Absolutely terrifying

Dr Naomi Wolf

Propaganda + censorship + turning neighbours on one another = authoritarian control. 1930s Europe and 1970s Cambodia come to mind.

If There’s A Terror Attack in NZ, Blamed On “Anti-Mask, Anti-Vaxxers”, Remember This Video

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