Ever So Grateful. But No Thanks.

The following news items are all intertwined. The more who understand and the fewer who comply now, the less chance that any of this will succeed.

Limitations to a programmable digital currency can include such ‘controls’ (“contracts”) as:

  • Maximum $50 per day spend capacity;
  • Maximum $500 savings accumulated;
  • Spending can only occur within certain geographical boundaries;
  • Money not spent within a certain timeframe is removed;
  • “Taxes” and “fines” automatically removed;
  • Spending entitlements connected to specific goods and services;
  • Spending can only occur if you’ve complied with all the latest rulz – up to date on your injections, only spoken well of your government, not associated with undesirables…;
  • The possibilities for control are endless.

Link to article.

In case you’re wondering, this guy and his cronies are not our friend. If he wants you to do something, claiming that it’s for your “safety”, consider doing the exact opposite.

From G20 Bali 2022, Leaders’ Declaration.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, virologist/microbiologist, presented recently on why mRNA technology should not be used for any vaccine.

Those who have allowed our institutions to be “penetrated” are also not our “friends”, nor “keeping us safe”.

Link to article.

Plenty of leaders awake to events are working to blockade them. These are the people who actually WILL keep us safe.

Cancelling WEF membership is a good start.

Emerging data suggests those pushing vaccines don’t actually care about our health.


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