Events in Davos Last Week Including the Niece of Osama bin Laden

Mainstream “news” journalists attend the World Economic Forum annual conference as invited guests to deliver approved morsels of information via the various well-funded, controlled outlets employing them. They pay huge fees to obtain digitised identification badges which allow them into the conference. The ID is categorised according to status, as the conference holds televised presentations as well as secret meetings. It seems to be an important venue for planning and building the mainstream narrative on various issues which we should follow without question, save becoming “conspiracy theorists”.

During last year’s WEF conference, alerted by the Covid hysteria which was already two years old by then, a number of independent journalists travelled to Davos to report from the streets outside the conference. Conference attendees appeared confident to walk the streets undisturbed and were taken aback by journalists approaching to ask unapproved questions. Patrolling troops wore “World Economic Forum Police” labels, which journalists discovered the police paid for and were required to wear. One journalist (Jack Posobiec) was detained in the street by a group of these WEF-marked police who appeared to be taking orders from elsewhere.

This year the heat was turned up further as more journalists descended on the small ski resort town alongside the thousands of private helicopters transporting WEF attendees in and out from their private jets at the nearest airport. It made for interesting viewing, even though WEF attendees mainly refused to engage.

Changes this year included the presence of more private bodyguards flanking well known attendees, and 5,000 police and military, none of whom wore WEF-identifying badges. Some of these personnel approached the media to request that their face not be shown on camera. Everyone’s nerves seemed to be on much higher alert this year, surely explained by increased awareness and opposition amongst the general public?

Japan’s Ganaha Masako released interesting footage which she discussed with Ezra Levant. She managed a brief encounter with Klaus Schwab, and interviewed a driver who explained that the powerful need petrol-fuelled cars whilst demanding electric vehicle use for the rest of us.

Ezra also managed to locate and speak with the World Economic Forum “doctor” who claims to have been coordinating the conference’s Covid protocols. Very telling is her apparent role as a product marketeer with no actual public health advice whatsoever. Tests, masks, gloves, sanitiser and digitised control of behaviours, over common sense such as keeping your immune system healthy (which most of her products compromise); being aware of the fact that viruses circulate constantly and mostly cause either nothing or mild symptoms; staying home if you have manageable symptoms; and seeking medical attention if you have concerns. None of which creates profit for anyone, so has become “a conspiracy theory”.

A new independent journalist who I was surprised to discover last year, is Noor bin Laden. She is extremely well informed about what’s happening and speaks out fearlessly. She lives in Geneva, Switzerland, and has been covering the World Economic Forum / United Nations plans for world governance for some years. She has described this as an isolating experience, but that in the past two years other journalists have joined her in this work.

In another interview at Info Wars, the interviewer is a bit excessive and the video connection didn’t work for Noor, making it less easy to watch. The information is valuable though, so my summary of what she said is here:

  • The language used by World Economic Forum devotees has changed. For years they used terms such as “New World Order”, “The Great Reset” and “Build Back Better”. In recent times people have called out their agenda, so they’ve moved towards more palatable language, in hope of controlling the narrative.
  • Noor thinks that as they lose this control they’ll move to other methods such as blackouts. [At last week’s conference global and catastrophic cyber attacks were predicted. Another reason to keep cash].
  • Noor has often felt like a recluse in her attempts to alert the public to what is happening. She has developed a camaraderie with other journalists attending Davos in the past two years.
  • She describes the annual WEF conference as “merely the press conference for us plebs, where we are made aware of their agenda and their plans that have been devised behind closed doors, decades ago if not more. It’s important that all of this be covered from our angle. The mainstream media are under their control and parrot these talking points that they have, trying to pretend to the world that they are actual philanthropists and that they actually care about the wellbeing of humanity when in reality they are just psycho-malthusian freaks trying to depopulate the world and bring us under their thumb“.
  • They pose as philanthropists and humanitarians who want to be stewards of the planet, but when you strip away the veneer they are a bunch of psychotic bureaucrats who want to run a population control agenda, whatever that may mean at the time.
  • The mainstream media are a part of it. They all walk in lockstep. “Malthusian psycho-freaks” summarises who they are.
  • Switzerland is the chosen place where all of their dirty work gets done.
  • The WEF agenda includes a controlled reveal, which is a deliberate propagation of information that they want the public to know. This involves preparing the population for what is about to come, such as digitisation of all aspects of our lives and making sure it is portrayed as convenient, progressive, and various other lofty terms.
  • In fact, the plans for digitisation will ensure total serfdom.
  • The WEF conference is largely held for the purposes of press release, to disclose information to the public.
  • The plans for world governance began with the League of Nations, but this failed as the American people refused to join. In the aftermath of World War 2, the second iteration of these plans was the establishment of the United Nations.
  • The conduit to make their plans happen is “fake philanthropy”, claiming to be saving the planet when in fact the agenda is controlling the population.
  • Climate change is one of these agendas, in which fabricating a “carbon footprint” allows those in power to stop people from moving, via banning car ownership, making travel unaffordable, removing access to foods, and other interventions allowing full control over our lives, all in the name of “sustainability”.
  • This plays on the good intentions of people who want to do the right thing but don’t recognise the deceit playing out as we are led to believe that our existence is “bad for the planet”.
  • The pandemic was another event which was weaponised against people, in the name of “safety” and “national security” which opened the door to implementation of policies which have eroded the rights of citizens.
  • There are many other events which have been used similarly, to usher in social credit systems.
  • The effects of this social engineering and propaganda are so pernicious and widespread (with the main goal being to reduce the human population), that people today now plan to remain childless in order not to contribute to climate change. Birth rates across the western world have plummeted.
  • “Fossil fuels” – another invented term – are promoted as being scarce when in fact they are not scarce at all.
  • Those promoting these narratives know that it is all false.

An excellent case in point to Noor’s revelations about the fake-philanthropists using globalist organisations such as World Economic Forum to push their agendas, is American Al Gore. Al was in Davos last week, declaring that various climate change emergencies threaten the planet and humanity. He happens to have built a multi billion dollar industry via climate alarmism.

About Greta Thornberg’s arrest in Germany. She arrived in Davos the very next day and had nothing to say to unapproved journalists.

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