Predicting Pandemics

In April 2021 ‘Gavi The Vaccine Alliance’ published an article from their Vaccines Work Series, asking the question The Next Pandemic: Marburg? The introductory paragraph states “The virus has just hit Equatorial Guinea  for the first time ever – what does this mean for the rest of the world?

Marburg in Equatorial Guinea appears as one of ten possibilities outlined by Gavi as our “next pandemic” (question mark).

Last week WHO Africa made the following announcement.


Tedros has been preparing us too!

The single case detection triggered a pandemic planning cascade within WHO involving massive pharmaceutical funding, as diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines all must now be prepared extensively for the expected pandemic. This is done through a range of taxpayer-funded departments and organisations, all feeding into a massive pharmaceutical industry. The Centre for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation (CEPI), who are aiming for vaccine development to be cut from the usual 10-12 years, to a mere 100 days (to keep us safe of course), are deeply embroiled in this via WHO’s R&D Blueprint.

Why would Marburg be expected as a pandemic when across the world in the 55 years since it was first identified in an outbreak of laboratory workers handling African green monkeys imported to Europe from Uganda, it has resulted in a total of 478 deaths? Could it possibly be because the disease can include fear-inducing symptoms such as bleeding and multi-organ shutdown?

Fear ensures compliance with measures, no matter how nonsensical. We have seen this in spades over the past three years.

So who are GAVI (funded with citizen money via IFFIm) and CEPI, the two organisations central to “protecting us” now, alongside the World Health Organisation?

Biowarfare isn’t being dumped upon us via the skies, but via a network of fearmongering, powerful profiteers, funded largely by our own money as described by ex-pharmaceutical executive and researcher, Sasha Latypova. The way it plays out on clinicians is described well by Dr Pierre Kory (“what would I have done if they offered me $1 million to shut up? I’d still be here. I can’t say the same for many of my colleagues“). This is all enabled by a global network of public health employed staffers who should – (many do, but many do not) – know better, as described by Dr David Bell.

Plans are ongoing, with a treaty and international health regulation amendments intending to give unprecedented power to World Health Organisation over how we can live. Our governments are embroiled in allowing this to take place. But there are ways to fight back. James Roguski presented on Everything You Need to Know About the WHO’s Power Grab at this week’s World Council for Health General Assembly.

Kim Iversen discussed the financial aspects to what is happening with economist, Professor Richard Werner, (starts at 2 minutes). Decentralise – use small and local banks and businesses. Support the use of cash. Oppose central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which will be programmable and ensure full control of every move we make.

The world we leave for our children needs to be better than what these monsters are planning. Oppose it.

One thought on “Predicting Pandemics

  1. If I live another 22 years, I will have lived as long as my father, 12 years more than my mom, and 53 years more than my daughter.

    Don’t Fear the Reaper

    Nobody knows when or how it will happen – worrying about pandemics (real or fake) is nothing but stress-inducing psyche killers.

    All we are is dust in the wind


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