The Greatest Crime Against Humanity

New Zealand media, recipients of large amounts of government funding, continue to tell the population that a terrible pandemic is underway. They never provide context; such as the fact that about 600 New Zealanders die in a normal week, and they no longer offer information on the vaccination status of those dying, nor whether reported covid status is the cause of death or an incidental finding because of testing protocols.

This same media continue to claim that the so-called “vaccines” are protective. The statistics, obtained by freedom of information act request, suggest otherwise. New Zealand actor Barry Duffield gave these interviews with Samantha Edwards, about his experience following covid-19 injection (heart disease, Parkinsonism and mental health concerns with an onset the day after a Pfizer injection). He describes the experience of not being believed, but also of many health staff telling him “I can’t say anything but you have no idea of how many people who are like you, walk through our doors“, and questions how afraid those staff must be, that they don’t feel entitled to speak out.

Can you imagine if the government decided that they wanted to come after you? On tax, on whatever, they can come at you a hundred different ways. I’m not surprised that people are scared. If they are the one that comes forward and not everyone else around them comes forward, then they’d be the ones that get stones thrown at them. I totally understand the fear … The more and more people that come forward, the more will…“.

The following graphs come from official information provided in OIA HNZ00007453, combined with available information at StatsNZ. They show that New Zealanders experienced excess mortality in 2022 of more than 17% higher than the five year average pre-2020.

They also show that the numbers of people dying are multiple times higher in those who had boosters compared to those who did not.

They also show that the rate per 100,000 people in each group divided by vaccine status, is multiple times higher in those who had boosters compared to those who did not.

All the while media outlets and politicians, needing to obfuscate, claim in the face of data clearly showing otherwise, that it is the “unvaccinated” who are at risk. I have no doubt that many actually believe the lies they claim. Nevertheless, the claims are lies based on official source data.

Dr Naomi Wolf has given a recent interview discussing the analysis that her teams continue to do on the many thousands of pages of raw data, obtained through court order, from Pfizer’s own vaccine trials. Her evidence supports the same conclusions: known harms from these injections and zero regulatory intervention.

It’s an alliance … It’s the World Economic Forum which Klaus Schwab, the leader, boasted he has graduates in cabinets in democracies all around the world and we’ve seen them, from Trudeau to Ardern and so on; it’s the World Health Organisation which is funded by China and Bill Gates overwhelmingly that has been in lockstep with China … It’s big tech as well. Big tech is invested in the vaccines and big tech is up 20% net revenue in 2020 til 2022 because of the advantage to big tech of locking people in their homes …

The global elite are very comfortable making decisions for the rest of us and they absolutely have a global technocracy and a global oligarchy in which they have more in common with each other than they have with the rank and file in their own countries. In that stratem they’re certainly persuaded that there are too many human beings. I can see evidence that … in the theme of Davos for a couple of years, there’s going to be massive instability, there’s going to be problems with food supply, problems with water supply … noone wants to line people up against the wall and shoot them … I can see these people, because I know them, thinking ‘well, we’re headed in an unsustainable direction, this is the most merciful thing we can do’.

It’s not the first time. People from around the world are sending me programs that pharma has run in India and in Kenya … I thank the bishops of Kenya, who stood up and said you’re giving these young girls injections and rendering them sterile without their consent. And these are programs that are run around the world on brown and black girls. They haven’t had a global voice. They’ve tested it out on those populations, why would we think they wouldn’t roll it out on our population? “.

The interviewer highlights the reasons that people go along with sinister agendas. If they can make a lot of money by going along with it, or if they can get into a lot of trouble if they speak out, comparing the way these choices are affecting peoples’ decisions today with the way the same choices affected decisions made by citizens in Nazi Europe.

Ex-pharmaceutical executive Sasha Latypova’s recent interview with Mike Adams (“The Health Ranger”) is explosive, showing evidence of deliberate intent to harm. Notes below the video.

As someone with experience in the pharmaceutical and regulatory industry, Sasha’s main red flag was at the very beginning when clearly something was very odd with this pandemic response. For example the data on using hydroxychloroquine as an early treatment was positive, but an immediate campaign of information suppression became militant. Doctors were persecuted and multiple fraudulent studies were published [such as Lancetgate against HCQ and the Together Trial against Ivermectin].

Aware that clinical trials are all about collecting good evidence, Sasha felt shocked that previously respected regulators and medical journal publishers would engage in this behaviour. The complex rules and strict compliance she is familiar with were expensive and burdensome but were always for a good reason – to protect and not hurt people. So when she saw the rules being flagrantly abused she knew something was wrong and started to investigate what was going on.

She first looked at the VAERS database of vaccine adverse events. Comparing batch numbers she was able to immediately conclude that these vaccines were not following good manufacturing processes (GMP). These processes are very difficult to comply with, in order to keep the process very reliable. If GMP are not followed then you cannot make any statement about safety and efficacy and these substances are by definition, therefore deemed dangerous.

Sasha first looked at flu vaccine data. There is at least twenty years of data with around 50% population taking annual doses of these substances, which are manufactured by many different companies making different lot sizes. She found minor expected variability of associated adverse events, showing that the quality parameters and purities and potency did not vary much between batches, showing a reliable process. Flu vaccine batches had between 2-10 serious adverse events and extremely low numbers of associated deaths. By comparison, the mRNA product was extremely variable. Some batches had low numbers of adverse events but others had up to 6,000 serious adverse events and hundreds of deaths.

In pharmaceutical manufacturing the principle of statistical process control means that you would flag your production line if it suddenly spits out a reaction you don’t want to see, in order to investigate it. But what happened here, was it was being cranked out batch after batch with noone even considering stopping it and noone saying anything. [Mike: under Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA), manufacturers have been granted absolute legal immunity. This disincentivises companies from investing in quality control as there is no financial reason to keep pushing out a faulty line].

After investigation Sasha found that not only are Pfizer “producing this sloppy, non compliant, god knows what’s going on with that GMP“, but they are not recalling the product which would be normal practice for anyone with normal liability. The regulators are also not stopping anything. They are completely exempt from liability under a legal structure including the PREP Act but also other statutes completely shielding the company from liability.

[Mike: From your experience pre-covid, if one production lot had shown 5,000 injuries or a few hundred deaths, what would the normal response have been?]. Immediate product recall. For example, Tylenol was associated with 8 deaths in Chicago in the 1980s and the manufacturer recalled the entire supply – many millions of doses. It was found to be caused by purposeful adulteration. Other famous recalls of pharmaceutical products have happened based on a dozen to 100 deaths. When manufacturers detect a concern, when they are following law, and when they have liability and are behaving ethically, they immediately recall a product associated with harms to human health.

[Mike: millions in the US are now disabled, and many thousands are dead from these products, not to mention globally. How do we halt this cycle of corporate irresponsibility, regulatory failure/capture and massive harm on population?]

Sasha met Katherine Watt via Substack, who has been writing on the legal structure associated with these harms. She has undertaken extensive research into the legal history regarding what is enabling the pharma companies and government? Sasha and Katherine have been collaborating.

Katherine describes it as a “legal cage”, built to enable this situation of harms without liability. Pfizer acts like they have no liability because they were promised protection from the government. Protections were given under illegal / pseudo laws which violate the American constitution. This is in three parts. There are six statutes, going back in modern history showing pre-planning for this event. First is the EUA which began in 1987, originally with very limited scope: for something with no alternative treatment options (which explains the campaigns against HCQ and IVM), in cases of severe and terminal conditions to allow patients to try novel treatments. Second, “Other Transaction Authority” (OTA) in which the government contract with private manufacturers whilst not following regulations that would normally apply. This was also originally fairly narrow, allowing government to contract without following normal procurement rules, including secrecy, non-disclosure and no accounting. This is a loophole for government to not follow rules.

The PREP Act was put into clauses of contracts under OTA with private manufacturers to make vaccines, therapeutics and all covid response measures. Exclusively says “you are a covered entity under this contract” – so if you follow orders/rules, you will receive a liability waiver. So they are allowed to not follow normal regulatory requirements, informed consent etc. Essentially they can do whatever they like and have no liability. This is bullet proof: the cage slams down on us and there is no legal way to go after them because they’ve thought through it all and put legal structures in place to protect themselves.

[Mike: Fraud vitiates / invalidates it if properly argued in court, if vaccines are misrepresented? Or if the information going into the EUA decisions is fraudulent in its origin, then the cage could be dismantled?]

Sasha originally thought this was possible. But for two years people have attempted to argue this way in court. As time goes by we have huge documentation of fraud – Sasha herself has provided hundreds of pages, and she knows hundreds of others doing the same. The problem is not a single court case has proceeded on its merits. Some cases have won based on administrative things. Not a single judge has yet admitted anyone into court with evidence of fraud. This is a big question mark – why??

They are following the orders written into these statutes – per Katherine Watt’s substack. Overreach, masking, mandates, etc – are all completely unconstitutional so people are rightly protesting and the judges are signaling the framework they are using in their decisions: “This is allowed, we are maintaining this from the top“. The driver of the cartel is not pharma – they are foot soldiers (important ones) and must be prosecuted. But to defeat this mafia we need to understand who runs it – the Pentagon and US government.

Operation Warp Speed was a Department of Defense military campaign. [Mike: it looks like a military bioweapons operation to achieve mass depopulation and genocide].

Sasha agrees. It is driven by the Pentagon, maybe with someone above them, we don’t know. All contracts made for these injections are from DoD. They distribute the money to pharma, even for Pfizer these are huge amounts of money. They are funding all covid counter measures eg vaccines, therapeutics and other products like PCR tests, swabs, masks, even down to the vaccination cards given to people after injection.

The contracts became available recently – Sasha found them online a few months ago, although they are partially redacted. Contracts from DoD, BARDA, sometimes parallel contracts with HHS, include Pfizer, Moderna and many others. There are hundreds of manufacturers involved in multiple products being used.

[Mike: Pharma companies are proxies for a military operation. Pharma provide the injections but the DoD/Pentagon provided the original bioweapon strain to Wuhan who ran it through Gain of Function processes to produce an ultra-weaponised bioweapon to drive people into these injections, also from DoD who pushed them on their own soldiers. This looks like an operation at the top of the Pentagon to eliminate US military and weaken US defense, at the same time as depopulating?]

This all comes from their own documents which are disclosed openly. Eg Operation Warp Speed – COO is DoD. We were told they were just involved in logistics but when you examine the documents and structures, 2/3 of the organisation is DoD, high ranking generals and very few people with any health care experience. DoD are in charge of many things: logistics, design of clinical trials, structure in the contracts (have clauses tightly micromanaging activity of pharmaceutical companies but they don’t include any accountability). A contract can mention many things but if not described in an accountable manner then it’s just words. There are specific ways to make contracts binding or just put fluff. These are just fluff. There is no accountability for if the manufacturer doesn’t follow GMP.

Pandemic preparedness is a government protection racket as per Mafia tactics. The entity unleashing of these toxins on people, then unleashing the propaganda to scare them, eg new emerging viruses, if you comply we can protect you. Be a good citizen and come and get vaccinated every six months. [Mike: government extracts money from people via taxes, funnels it to big pharma for vaccines, and often far more than they ever intend to administer, companies have immunity, take a portion, kick it back to members of congress and senate and governors and so on, as either campaign contributions or contracts for family members to be engaged in marketing or research etc. This is a massive money laundering racket using innocent bodies of the people as vessels for the excuse to engage in it. They’re killing people for profit while enhancing their own power over the people. A massive criminal operation].

This situation is driven by the government who have power to provide sovereign immunity and extend it onto private manufacturers. Those doing this need to be prosecuted. This is not just Pfizer being bad and buying off regulators – that would be easy to deal with. The reason this is happening and no court is responding appropriately, is because it’s a much bigger problem. Government has merged with private corporations – by definition this is fascism. They are killing people intentionally and also intentionally terrorising them. [Mike: this is also medical dictatorship – government benefits by power and control, pharma make money, health care sector does well economically, small businesses and individuals suffer but government don’t care. Neverending war with an enemy they invented – SARS-CoV-2 – and propagandised through media. If we did nothing – life as usual – we’d have been far better off with fewer deaths].

Epidemics always self extinguish. If they didn’t we wouldn’t be here. Pandemics don’t happen at all. Epidemics of local clustering sometimes happen for a variety of reasons. They always self-extinguish especially when heterogeneous populations interact, as the non-vulnerable protect the vulnerable by developing immunity. This pathogen didn’t look worse than flu in the data. We would have had a bad flu season then reverted to nothing.

Re GMP. The majority of shots are blanks or something with some toxicity but probably not what was intended due to the poor manufacturing processes being carried out. This is why people are having multiple shots with no effects. It’s Russian Roulette. For example if you drive your car at high speed through stop lights you’ll get away with it for a certain time.

Stop getting any vaccines, there is no functional regulatory body right now, meaning that there is no consumer safety. There are no consequences for a lack of quality control at the manufacturing process. [Mike: if you make Peanut Butter that causes harm you go to jail, FDA can seize all your products, all your customer lists. If you produce Vitamin C and one person gets sick they can seize your inventory, force you to issue refunds to anyone who ever bought it. But if your vaccine kills a million people it’s perfectly okay under this system].

For an excellent, but complicated, explanation of the Good Manufacturing Processes being breached, see this article and accompanying video by Dr Maria Gutschi, presenting to Sasha Latypova at Team Enigma.

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