Countdown 2030

Rest assured that the citizens of the world united, can stop any regime that wants to destroy the freedom of citizens, either by bombs or by dangerous pharmaceutical products.

~ Mislav Kolakušić, lawyer and MEP for Croatia

Curated in South Africa, this film exposes the WEF’s “Sustainable Development” goals of UN Agenda 21, now known as Agenda 2030, in planning for many years.

The WEF and the UN have signed an agreement to accelerate this plan for the world, which coincides with the plans of the WEF in which their founder & executive Chairman, Klaus Schwab, clearly outlines in his book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset” published in 2020. One of the 8 predictions on their website is that by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.

You might wonder why “you will be happy” when you will own nothing… this is where the METAVERSE comes in. COUNTDOWN 2030 details their plan.

Countdown 2030: Part 1

We need to break this intention of theirs, to basically deceive people into thinking you’re all alone. You know, the “small fringe minority”. It’s supposed to be derogatory. Haven’t people learned anything through history in school? The resistance to a corrupt regime always starts with a “small minority” … Most of the people just go along … Always it’s a small minority who start speaking up. And in a dictatorship they usually stay a small minority. Because that’s how dictatorships work. The opposition is oppressed. Jailed. Incarcerated. Whatever. Being part of the small fringe minority is actually a compliment. Because it shows you actually have a brain and you use it to think for yourself. And you have come to a conclusion other than what the vast majority of people is being fed. Me being part of a small fringe minority, I consider that as a compliment“. ~ Christine Anderson, MEP (Germany)

Countdown 2030: Part 2

Preview of Countodown 2030 Part 1:

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