She was vaccinated two years ago. She had one shot of Moderna. She knew within 3 minutes that she was very seriously injured. Seven uncontrolled seizures in the past two years. Her EKG … Her cardio had never seen an EKG like that before. She complained to Moderna, there was no call back. Her primary care physician told her to get a second shot. Her VAERS report was reported and then it was deleted by the government. She now has cancer.

This is a typical vaccine victim.

This is what we’re fighting for.

I did a survey … on restoring trust in the CDC. So my survey was, maybe we should eliminate, or destroy trust in the CDC and FDA [and their international counterparts, eg TGA, Medsafe et al] …

I beg you. If you are reading this, please listen to the independent scientists and doctors who are speaking out. They might save your life. They are NOT doing this for fun, or for the drama. Since when was “disinformation” a problem? Since around the beginning of 2020. Why would that be?

There should be a worldwide moratorium immediately placed on this technology until the massive number of serious and legitimate scientific questions about this can be properly addressed … the data need to be placed in front of a wide variety of scientists with opinions on all sides. So we can have public discussions about this and sort through the science … I don’t see evidence that these are any good as vaccines!

Immunologists Dr Byram Bridle (also a vaccinologist) and mRNA expert Professor Patrick Provost (also a microbiologist and infectious diseases professor) in conversation with Bright Light News and Childrens’ Health Defense.

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