Common Sense Lost

We continue to face challenges rolling out our childhood nutrition program in Cambodia due to the ongoing pandemic interventions. Hunger remains at dangerous levels across communities. Access to health care, previously very limited, is all but no longer available unless you have money. Lockdown has ended for now but testing and vaccination teams are highly … More Common Sense Lost

Trying to Understand

Whilst vaccination saves lives, vaccine promotion due to market forces compared to promotion via public health evidence can have a negative impact. After months of warning alerts, in June of 2009 World Health Organisation declared a global Swine Flu pandemic. Ultimately the H1N1 Swine Flu, still circulating today, posed no greater risk of severe disease … More Trying to Understand

Trust and Terror

Factory workers in Cambodia are being vaccinated en masse. Allegedly they’re all “volunteers”. Mostly young women earning around $120/month with zero prospects of other employment in a nation strictly following Chinese lockdown policy resulting in threat of hunger and disease to millions. Normally when a vaccination program is rolled out, the expected outcome is a … More Trust and Terror