Vaccinations and Investigations

For a year now, mainstream and social media have been rife with frightening messages about Covid-19. Filtering through this narrative and trying to find balanced information has involved a skepticism against orthodoxy which has caused a lot of angst among people who trust mainstream news sources and whose own comfort and safety feels threatened by those asking questions and raising doubt. Everyone I know with skeptical views on this pandemic has reported experiencing relationship breakdowns. “None of us have friends anymore” is how one Panda member phrased it recently! Normally public health would have risen to the occasion on behalf of the general public via consistent messages corresponding to established and/or evolving evidence. Instead, previously trusted institutions such as World Health Organisation and Centers for Disease Control have added to the confusion and fear via mixed messages and contradicting their own evidence. Since around April 2020 I have felt completely gaslighted by these organisations I once held in esteem, and working out why became a puzzle to be solved.

It is hardly surprising that now, unnerving reports are being shared about Covid-19 vaccinations, adding another layer to the labyrinth of doubt and concern. They have been granted emergency use approval (EUA) globally as products which do not yet meet standard license via usual processes following adequate safety and efficacy trials. The main information about the vaccines for now comes directly from big pharmacy companies’ own press releases. This is highly unusual and it is marketing, not peer reviewed research. Governments have also granted these companies immunity from legal liability should severe or long lasting vaccine health harms occur following Covid-19 vaccination.

Vaccine associated harm is rare but can occur. Following the rapid introduction of Swine Flu vaccination in 2009, during a similarly unusual public health response, 1300 vaccine recipients developed narcolepsy (Why a pandemic flu shot caused narcolepsy). After an initial few months of overwhelming media-driven fear and political domination over the Swine Flu pandemic response, public health was able to fine-tune itself back to calm and normality. This was the apparent result of a group of European parliamentarians, led by Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, who signed a motion claiming pharmaceutical companies had unduly influenced World Health Organisation. This led to malicious reporting about Dr Wodarg, as shown in this 2009 article of unnamed author, which is an early example of similar smear campaigns against scientists today including such eminent and respected experts as Professors John Ioannidis, Sunetra Gupta and perhaps most notably, Scott Atlas. It is also a part of the bigger picture of pharmaceutical companies and large so-called philanthropic institutions forming a powerful industry presenting itself as contributing to public health, but driving pandemic response by the use of dishonest messaging to feed their own profits.

Covid-19 vaccine products remain in trial phase, and will remain so for at least another year. Anyone agreeing to vaccination is consenting as an experimental trial participant. Vaccines always require trial participants for testing prior to approval, so in itself this is not necessarily a concern, as long as participants are adequately informed. It is important to understand what is meant by phrases such as “95% efficacious”. When efficacy is focused on reducing a single disease symptom, such phrases don’t mean you are 95% protected against a disease, but merely against one symptom. There is no long term safety data yet. As someone who is completely pro-vaccination when they are used for evidence based public health reasons, I currently plan to decline this particular vaccine and also to decline assisting in any vaccination program, with informed reason, and completely open to changing my mind as the evidence of benefit and harm evolves.

One trustworthy information source that I’ve found is the Corona Auschuss taking place in Germany, headed by Dr Reiner Fuellmich. The First International Session of the Coronavirus Auschuss was filmed and this interview with Robert F Kennedy Junior, who represents an alleged “anti-vaccine” group known as the Children’s Health Defense, is available in English. Among other investigations of the labyrinth of corruption at play, the Auschuss are scrutinising information from nursing homes where vaccines are being rolled out. The vulnerability of nursing home residents is not restricted to Covid-19 disease, but includes enforced isolation which has aggravated health conditions causing premature deaths, and now the issue of informed consent for receiving experimental vaccinations. The evidence presented in this 45 minute video deserves to be heard.

Understanding the issue of these particular vaccinations is complex. One of the best interviews I have heard on this was Dr Carrie Madej, speaking with Planet Lockdown.

3 thoughts on “Vaccinations and Investigations

  1. I’ve felt completely gas lighted as well since about April of this year and have definitely lost friends over this. Thank you for your well researched and informative posts on this weird and honestly frightening time.


      1. I think you right about that. The lowered we get the more tightly government and monied interests will try and clamp down so it’s going to be quite the storm these next few months.

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