Trust and Terror

Factory workers in Cambodia are being vaccinated en masse. Allegedly they’re all “volunteers”. Mostly young women earning around $120/month with zero prospects of other employment in a nation strictly following Chinese lockdown policy resulting in threat of hunger and disease to millions.

Normally when a vaccination program is rolled out, the expected outcome is a reduction in disease. Of which, until after vaccinations began, Cambodia had almost none. Similar patterns are being seen in many locations, of increased Covid-19 cases occurring after vaccines are rolled out. So far there is no explanation as to why and many possibilities. Is testing increasing alongside injections? Is there something about the injections that causes a positive result? Is it to do with a change in testing devices? Are those testing positive in the injected cohort? Is antibody dependent enhancement somehow involved, as multiple experts have warned? Scientists exclude viral evolution (so-called “variants”) as a reason, as these are at most 0.3% different from each other which is described as “clinically identical”. An English version of Dr Wolfgang Wodarg’s summary of concerns related to the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines is available at this link. The chances that this pattern of increased cases concurrent with vaccine rollouts is a mere coincidence when happening in so many places are highly unlikely.

To reiterate, “cases” of Covid are not disease, but rather mostly healthy people testing positive for some genetic remnants of virus. Cambodia sits on 45 deaths today. These may or may not be people who died “of” Covid disease. Someone dying of cancer who produces a positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR result is recorded as a Covid death. The same goes for many other co-morbidities which may be the leading cause of death with coincidental positive test.

A recent UK report found that 23% of Covid-attributed deaths had in fact died from something else. The UK has seen, as with most other nations, a significant “blip” but nothing more, with regards to excess mortality for 2020.

Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART Group) publish a weekly bulletin in which they frequently provide context to the UK figures which mainstream media use to keep people afraid and compliant with lockdown policies.

In this radio broadcast statement an anonymous senior UK National Health Service staff nurse with years of high level vaccine and prescribing policy experience describes with palpable emotion, her concerns about the Covid-19 vaccination program. She recognises multiple inconsistencies with data, lack of information shared amongst health care professionals involved in administering the injections, which leads to lack of informed consent being obtained from study participants, none of whom are aware that they are participating in Phase 3 of what amounts to the world’s largest experimental drug trials. She outlines multiple questions she has tried to ask about the injections, flaws she recognises in the trial designs and analyses including safety and efficacy data. She has tried to object and to speak out, but describes being excluded from meetings, labelled an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy nut, openly ridiculed and warned to “watch your step”. Staff are blindly following instructions from management, who she states are aware of the risks involved with these injections but under pressure to meet requirements set by government. She feels pressured, with children, a mortgage, and a husband made redundant during lockdown, to safeguard her employment, and is acutely aware that her career and nursing registration are at risk whenever she tries to ask questions or raise concerns. The comments underneath the YouTube link from other nurses who have resigned over similar problems confirm this whistleblower’s claims of staff leaving in droves.

Dr Vinay Prasad interviews Samantha Godwin at his Plenary Session 3.64: A Legal and Philosophical View on Covid-19. A philosopher and lawyer at Yale Law School, Godwin discusses the implications of maximising terror to influence people’s perspectives of Covid-19, the steep age gradient of disease, impact of social isolation on population health, skewed media and social media narratives, science vs political and corporate motives.

Pfizer’s out of court settlements read like the credits to a movie. Since 1996 Pfizer have paid US$3.7 billion in out of court settlements relating to multiple harms and deaths including of children. They have been charged with healthcare fraud by the US government and indemnified against civil cases by the UK government.

Why is any of this happening and how can any of it be called “public health”? Does this ten minute interview with Bill Gates provide any kind of answer? Bill Gates: Global Innovation Is The Key To Achieving A Return to Normal

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