Public Health as Public Harm and the Next Agenda

There is a Facebook page called Died Suddenly News with over 250,000 members so far. The stories on this page are a horror show. This is one of thousands, and below is an interview with the page’s founder, Tiago Fernando Henriques. The same people who brought this to our world are trying to implement climate … More Public Health as Public Harm and the Next Agenda

Off Consensus

An excerpt from RFK Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci: Dr Sam Bailey speaks here about Virology: The Truth About Viruses, challenging whether what those of us who have studied viruses think and know, is in fact real, or a myth? Fascinating stuff, and she certainly challenges the scientific consensus. New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With … More Off Consensus

Voodoo Tsunami

“There is no one place where you could go and find the definition for “variant”, for example. Or “isolate” or “strain”. I looked in several textbooks. In fact, not even my textbook, Principles of Virology, co-authored with four other Virologists. Not even there will you find a definition of these terms.” Professor Vincent RaccanielloProfessor of … More Voodoo Tsunami

Undermining Reality

In the past few days I made the mistake of getting involved in a “discussion” on Facebook, in which I was accused of not understanding outbreak control. By people unable to provide a single piece of research literature supporting their entrenched stance that “lockdowns work” as an epidemic control measure. Someone challenged me to “prove” … More Undermining Reality