Public Health as Public Harm and the Next Agenda

There is a Facebook page called Died Suddenly News with over 250,000 members so far. The stories on this page are a horror show. This is one of thousands, and below is an interview with the page’s founder, Tiago Fernando Henriques. The same people who brought this to our world are trying to implement climate change policies which are not supported in science, just as today’s public health policies are not supported in science, but in voodoo pseudoscience which must continue to be called out for what it is if any of us are to have hope for a remotely decent future. The same Hegelians have multiple stories they want us to believe, to keep us subdued, close to home, afraid, impoverished and obedient. Do not comply.

Dr Jessica Rose shares some of her vaccine adverse events knowledge including reproductive issues, foetal harms, myocarditis, cancers, and other health issues seen since the “vaccine” rollouts, with New Zealand’s Doctor Sam Bailey.

Professor John Gibson’s recent article at the New Zealand Centre for Political Research, Best in Show, concludes:

To recap, the last eight months have seen 3000 more deaths than expected – an unfolding disaster. Over 1000 of these excess deaths are unrelated to COVID-19 as either an underlying cause or contributory factor. Health authorities and politicians should face more scrutiny over the causes of these unexplained excess deaths. The “observed versus expected” analyses from Medsafe also require more scrutiny because the current approach is unlikely to detect adverse safety signals, partly due to use of outdated average death rates. When posing these questions to health authorities and politicians, a key test of answers they provide is whether they can account for a rise in excess deaths coincident with the booster rollouts, which is concentrated in age groups eligible for boosters but not in age groups that are mostly ineligible.

It’s almost as though lockdown is a harmful intervention?

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