Off Consensus

An excerpt from RFK Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci:

Dr Sam Bailey speaks here about Virology: The Truth About Viruses, challenging whether what those of us who have studied viruses think and know, is in fact real, or a myth? Fascinating stuff, and she certainly challenges the scientific consensus.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science, 21 March 2021 Gene Therapy: Could Covid-19 mRNA Injections Change Your Genes Forever?

We should absolutely protect the rights of medics, scientists and advocates to continue challenging and evolving what is known. Silencing and demonising those who ask, debate or challenge an alleged consensus is reminiscent of Orwellian WrongThink.

Here one man demonstrates his support for ensuring WrongThink is obstructed.

Here WrongThink starts to look like it might in fact be RightThink.

Here we see how governments are able to control WrongThink and ensure SameThink.

My biggest concern about where current day events are headed is:

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