Scarey Delta Scarey Scarey Variant Delta

Tonight’s news headlines will surely be awash with announcements on this. Investigative journalists will right now be crunching evidence, speaking with researchers, and preparing attention grabbing headlines to present the various scientific work highlighting the robust natural immunity present in human populations against SARS-CoV-2. Perhaps even interviewing scientists on theories as to why the Pacific … More Scarey Delta Scarey Scarey Variant Delta

Humans and History

Escape From Lockdown is a podcast produced by Alexander McCarron, a British film producer who found himself out of work earlier this year. Since his first podcast interview in April he has spoken with 25 people from different walks of life, all in relation to different aspects relating to England’s, and a lesser extent Europe … More Humans and History

Once Upon a Time

There are so many documents written before 2020 based on public health evidence and advising pandemic response. I have previously shared the WHO Non Pharmaceutical Public Health Measures document. This week I came across this one: Johns Hopkins University: Preparedness for a High-Impact Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic Some quotes from this document provide useful insights. The … More Once Upon a Time

Discussing Immunity

If you are interested in the virus – human immune system interplay, below are two worthwhile links.  One is a 1h15m YouTube podcast with a molecular biophysicist, Creon Levit.  The other is a 1h24m audio podcast with a team of immunologists at New York University. Both cover some known specifics of coronaviruses and both try … More Discussing Immunity