Discussing Immunity

If you are interested in the virus – human immune system interplay, below are two worthwhile links.  One is a 1h15m YouTube podcast with a molecular biophysicist, Creon Levit.  The other is a 1h24m audio podcast with a team of immunologists at New York University. Both cover some known specifics of coronaviruses and both try to explain findings in recent immunology research relating to SARS-CoV-2.

The immune system is arguably the most complicated biochemical system in your body, with the exception of the brain and its complexity, and the development of the embryo into a full organism, which is even more complicated and in a sense this is a small recapitulation of embryonic development going on in your body all the time“.

Many scientists are collectively saying that if they talk about long-understood scientific concepts such as T-cell immunity, undetectable memory B-cells or herd immunity in the context of Covid-19, they are ignored or condemned.  This is the impact of pitting hysteria against science.

Ivor Cummins Podcast With Creon Levit

New York University Immunologists Discussing a Covid-19 study

Science is poetry,
Written about nature,
In the language of mathematics
~ Creon Levit paraphrasing Galileo Galilei

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