Knut Wittkowski Speaks to Nick Hudson

Professor Wittkowski is another independent Infectious Disease Epidemiologist with world class credentials and no connections to any big funding bodies or pharmaceutical companies. Today he is “again facing lots of accusations and criticism … for just doing what epidemiologists should do, which is to explain what is behind the dynamics of an epidemic”. He compares … More Knut Wittkowski Speaks to Nick Hudson

The Law of Unintended Consequences

Imitating China on a policy that every single health policy guideline had explicitly warned against. ~ Nick Hudson, Co-Founder and Public Face of Panda, on Lockdown Nick articulates public health concepts with skill, from virus evolution and variant emergence, to seasonality, geographical differences, immunity, vaccines, complex systems and human factors. In this recent interview with … More The Law of Unintended Consequences

Actuaries and Actresses

South African actuary Nick Hudson co-founded perhaps one of the most impressive organisations arising from the 2020 pandemic. In this YouTube interview with Tim Price he talks about the work of PANDA – Pandemic Data and Analytics. An intelligent discussion talking common sense, public health, evidence, science, social justice, history, politics, academic institutions and failures, … More Actuaries and Actresses