Knut Wittkowski Speaks to Nick Hudson

Professor Wittkowski is another independent Infectious Disease Epidemiologist with world class credentials and no connections to any big funding bodies or pharmaceutical companies. Today he is “again facing lots of accusations and criticism … for just doing what epidemiologists should do, which is to explain what is behind the dynamics of an epidemic”. He compares his experience today with what he experienced during the initial HIV years, when “they wanted to make people afraid” and he took a lot of heat for suggesting that HIV would not spread amongst the European heterosexual community. He also talks in an informed, accessible way about Covid-related issues such as lockdown, the causal relationship between lockdowns and escape mutations, disease patterns, protection of the vulnerable, vaccination (including efficacy and safety issues), and the political influences controlling many public health scientists. Some of the interview is quite complicated, but Nick Hudson does well at summarising points in plain English along the way.

It’s interesting to note that he highlights the fact that Covid-19 disease presents no differently to Influenza disease. How do we marry this to the early reports from China that a “new” disease was being observed (accompanied by video footage of people collapsing in the streets)? Because of this alleged “unique” disease, scientists in China searched for and identified the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It was also because of these alleged unique symptoms, that ventilation was promoted by World Health Organisation as a necessary treatment intervention, with fear of ventilator stocks running out promoting the fears that hospitals would be under resourced, justifying the three week lockdown which has since evolved into a perennial cycle. It took some months for intensivists to realise and speak out, that the treatment advice they were following was in fact killing their Covid-19 patients. It is hard to understand how or why any of this happened.

Pandacast with Knut Wittkowski, February 2021

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