How to Stop a Stampede

If the cattle decides, because one of them is spooked for some reason, to run, then the only way to stop them is for all the cowboys to get to the front end of this as quickly as possible and then to fire off their weapons. That will shock the cattle and stop them, or even make them turn around.
The equivalent of that is a gigantic lawsuit.

~ Reiner Fuellmich

The Cease and Desist Papers Served on Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten by Dr Reiner Fuellmich lay out in clear terms, after many hours of hearing, documenting and analysing expert testimony, the part Drosten has played in our current world turmoil.

Meanwhile this article by Nick Hudson of Panda, dated October, describes simply and clearly what is false about the Covid-19 narrative that has been so aggressively pumped out to the entire world. The radio interview with Hudson in the same link gives some insight into how Panda came about. Remarkably most Panda members have been through similar experiences of knowing something was wrong but being silenced as outliers with no right to speak. We consequently largely found each other on Twitter and the alliance has led to what is basically a volunteer-led public health organisation consisting of a range of scientists, medical doctors, epidemiologists, mathematicians, communications experts, writers and support staff. The quality of work I see there everyday is formidable. Pandemic Data and Analytics (Panda) website.

The most important read of Covid has got nothing to do with viruses or the epidemic. The most important read of Covid is Gulag Archipelago. Alexander Solzhenytsin. That’s the book you need to read to understand the psychology and why so many otherwise good people have just gone along with this very harmful set of policies.

~ Nick Hudson

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