Public Health Fiasco

Whilst scenes such as these are now considered normal across the globe: Those of us fighting for proportionality and rationality based on evidence and data have been maligned and dismissed for more than a year. Noone more so than some of the world’s most accomplished Infectious Disease Epidemiologists. Some continue to speak out despite an … More Public Health Fiasco

Lockdown Lets It Rip

Lockdown opponents are often accused of wanting to “let it rip”. Mounting evidence from multiple sources confirms that lockdowns are the best way to let death and destruction rip through society. This British Medical Journal Webinar titled “Is Zero Covid Possible?” goes for two hours. For those with limited time, I definitely recommend spending ten … More Lockdown Lets It Rip

Pandemic Pandemonia

If mainstream media were taking notice and reporting these events instead of focusing on scary mutant viruses and other fear mongering which keeps chaos alive and obstructs evidence based public health responses, then Christian Drosten would be a globally recognised name. Instead most appear to never have heard of him.  He is well known in … More Pandemic Pandemonia

Strange Science

Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine and Economics at Stanford University, speaks for 45 minutes here with Nick Hudson of Panda. We all deserve access to intelligent and principled discussion such as this. It is largely absent.

Minks and Lockdowns

Denmark are culling millions of minks due to fears of a mutated SARS-CoV-2 strain. Here’s what one of the world’s leading viral geneticists, involved in SARS-CoV-2 research, Francois Balloux of University College London, has to say on the issue (copy-pasted from Twitter). This new mink COVID-19 mutation story, which is making the rounds on Twitter … More Minks and Lockdowns

Public Health In Action

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore USA organised this debate between three epidemiologists. An open discussion of differing ideas debated with civility and intelligence, lots of great perspective and insight in this one hour video. Epidemiologists Debating Pandemic Response We have to have an open discussion. This attempt to suppress people we disagree with has to … More Public Health In Action

Basic Public Health Principles

Public Health crashed into a political brick wall and severed its spinal column in 2020. A few brave paladins have risen from the ashes. This includes some extraordinary individuals but also some critically important media outlets swimming against the mainstream narrative which is drowning us all in shallow currents of misinformation. The Spectator was established … More Basic Public Health Principles

Lionhearts of 2020

Scott Atlas is this year’s leading lionheart in my view. He is an academic with zero political aspirations who entered the White House at significant personal cost. Regardless of which political side he appears to be on, the reason he entered the White House was “because the President of the United States asked me, a … More Lionhearts of 2020