Pandemic Pandemonia

If mainstream media were taking notice and reporting these events instead of focusing on scary mutant viruses and other fear mongering which keeps chaos alive and obstructs evidence based public health responses, then Christian Drosten would be a globally recognised name.

Instead most appear to never have heard of him.  He is well known in Germany, largely due to his virology podcasts and local media fame, as an award winning, star studded professor who is “saving” people through his “genius”.  His work is impacting on the lives of all of us.  He first impacted my own life in 2009, when I was completely perplexed as to why our public health response to Swine Flu was such bedlam.  Eleven years later it comes to light as a curve ball I could never have imagined.

Following similar characters on Twitter, at no time in history have qualifications such as Virologist, Epidemiologist, Immunologist, Master or Doctor of Public Health, had anywhere near this level of prominence in the public eye. Which is ironic given the lack of credibility that many carry with them. A brief look into one Twitter charlatan with thousands of followers shows that whilst passing himself off as a high level infectious disease epidemiologist (who I looked into because despite his claims, he appeared to be clueless), in real life, he’s a chronic disease researcher with a small, unrenowned university, who suddenly switched to writing on Coronavirus in mid 2020. He considers himself placed to discredit actual Infectious Disease Epidemiologists and unfortunately has enough mathematical knowledge to fool those who lean towards his promotion of the idea that we must all remain locked down indefinitely in order to save lives. There are multitudes of similar swindlers, some qualified and others not so, using this crisis for attention and personal gain.

Events surrounding Christian Drosten, his involvement in today’s pandemic and the practice he had over decades in getting us to this point, are worth reading about. Here is a written English translation from this short German language documentary.

The Classified Christian Drosten Files

It is a short read and covers:
Part 1 – Decades of mis-predictions of the impact of epidemics;
Part 2 – Questions surrounding his doctoral degree;
Part 3 – Questions surrounding development of the PCR test at the core of today’s pandemic;
Part 4 – Drosten’s entanglement with Big Pharmaceuticals including those developing tests and vaccines.

The [PCR] method is so sensitive that it can detect a single hereditary molecule of this virus. If such a pathogen, for example, flits across a nurse’s nasal mucosa for a day without her getting sick or noticing anything else, she is suddenly a [case]. Where previously, people at death’s door were reported, now mild cases and even people without symptoms are suddenly included in the reporting statistics. This could also explain the explosion in the number of [cases]. On top of this, the [media] have made an incredible fuss about it.
A direct quote from Christian Drosten.
Speaking in 2014.
About Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

Molecular Biologist Gabor Erdosi summarises this research article preprint on the UK variant being promoted as our latest justification for ongoing fear and societal chaos (lockdown) thus:

Do Lockdowns Work? The Literature references a number of published papers which all found that lockdowns had little or no efficacy, despite unconscionable harms. Professor Jay Bhattacharya describes what lockdown looks like in human society in this one minute sound bite from his 7 January interview with Nick Hudson. The full interview is available here.

Meanwhile lockdown in the USA has been a real win for some.
660 billionaires in U.S. have grown their collective net worth by $1.1 trillion since March 2020 when lockdowns started. Their total net worth has increased by nearly 40% in 10 months. Working class people face the worst jobs market in 90 years.

Florida’s governor, Ron de Santis, recognised the problems with lockdown after hearing advice from Professor Scott Atlas and the Great Barrington Declaration, and ceased lockdown measures in September. New York (Governor Cuomo) and California (Governor Newsom) have had some of the strictest lockdown measures in the nation. Covid-specified hospitalisations per million population for each state are illustrated in this graph. An interesting demographic for Florida is that they have more people aged over-65 (ie the high risk population) than any other state. These outcomes are hardly surprising, given that lockdown has no evidence to support it as a pandemic mitigation measure whilst protection of vulnerable populations, as Florida have followed, is supported by established and evidence based public health practices. Americans Are Fleeing Lockdowns, When They Can Afford It.

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