Lockdown Lets It Rip

Lockdown opponents are often accused of wanting to “let it rip”. Mounting evidence from multiple sources confirms that lockdowns are the best way to let death and destruction rip through society.

This British Medical Journal Webinar titled “Is Zero Covid Possible?” goes for two hours. For those with limited time, I definitely recommend spending ten minutes with the world’s most esteemed Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, John Ioannidis, from the 31 minute mark. Other presenters however, are equally worth hearing (not all of them align with my own anti-lockdown stance, it is worth hearing how they justify lockdowns as a public health measure).

Meanwhile lockdown harms to all other public health issues are even acknowledged by the very institution who openly told us at their pandemic press conferences that we “must follow China”.

There are many thousands more public health crises awaiting humanity as a direct result of lockdown policies.

Article in The Conversation authored by an Associate Professor of Viral Immunology
UNICEF Article refers to “pandemic” impact. They mean “lockdown” impact.
BBC, infamous for their Covid-19 fear narrative, on the impact of lockdown isolations on childhood development. This week a Panda member stated “my baby just turned one year old. Or in lockdown terms, she is two weeks”.
Jay Bhattacharya, Scientific Advisor to Panda and lead signatory to the Great Barrington Declaration, on public health impact of lockdown policy

We had existing public health guidelines which are not only ignored but largely contradicted in favour of Xi Jinping inspired lockdown policies. Lockdown proponents like to claim that this has saved lives. The chances of this are highly improbable in relation to Covid-19 and clearly incorrect in relation to all other public health concerns.

Research authored by John Ioannidis et al on the impact of lockdown related policies: comparison of three models

This excellent website, EndLockdowns, provides information on what lockdowns actually mean in terms of public health, human rights and social justice. I am sharing some screenshots to show the multitude issues relevant to the action of locking down our global societies.

One thought on “Lockdown Lets It Rip

  1. The inflammatory rhetoric – let it rip; covidiots; granny killers etc all propaganda signatures alerted me to the likelihood that we were being swamped with fake news. The facts and the messages totally collided – and after that the continuous series of lies and psychological tricks and manipulations. Another blogger said to me – if this was a real plague, bubonic plague of Ebola people would have responded sensibly. Scare tactics would not have been necessary.
    Conclusion – we are herd animals being panicked and herded, unlikely towards a good end.

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