Vikings to the Rescue

Compare these freedoms with the experience of people in Lithuania who must now prove their Covid vaccination status in order to hold down employment and access services including health care. How recent vaccine mandate laws have upended my family’s life. Jordan Schachtel’s latest Substack article, Freedom prevails: COVID data shows ‘public health’ mandates only harm … More Vikings to the Rescue

Zero Covid Catastrophe

Below is an article by Jordan Schachtel, one of few journalists covering the pandemic from an investigative angle rather than the dishonest panic parody of mainstream media. The focus is PCR positive “cases”: mostly healthy people being enforcably quarantined based on results of a test that is not fit for purpose. Zero Covid, a strategy … More Zero Covid Catastrophe

The Army Marches On

“In their studies they employed a standard influenza model. Namely the ferret. The virus was modified to allow for aerosol transmission to one another. One of the causes of the public misunderstanding was the widespread belief that the virus that was transmitted by aerosol from one ferret to another, actually killed the ferrets. When in … More The Army Marches On