There Is Science, But We’re Lying About It

Oil is the second most abundant liquid on earth and it is not a fossil fuel. Earth will never run out of the oil that is needed to fuel human transport and energy needs. Transport and energy ensure that human populations flourish, and vice versa. Those constructing today’s transport and energy crises do not have human benefit except their own, in mind.

The ‘fossil fuel’ lie was created a hundred years ago by Standard Oil, owned by famous robber baron John D Rockefeller, to give the illusion of scarcity in order to maximise profits. Rockefeller also removed holistic and herbal medicine from US medical schools, which he bought out in order to impose petroleum-based pharmaceutical medicine. Read more here.

The climate change narrative is now being used to push The Great Reset agenda, which is becoming urgent due to the looming financial crisis, as explained by financier and author Robert Kiyosaki. The ways in which climate change data is manipulated – very similar to the manipulations of Covid data – are explained by Mike Adams in this 10 minute documentary.

As early as May 2020 Italian lawmaker Sara Cunial was calling for legal action against Bill Gates for his role in this crisis. She stated that absolute power does not come from entities above the populace, but from compliant populations wishing to believe those entities will “keep them safe” via rules demanding the surrender of liberty in exchange for so-called protection. The phenomenon of this human flaw is being used against us today to ensure that we build our own prison walls.

The only way out is peaceful resistance. En masse.

Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel reports here on the World Economic Forum meeting this week in New York for a series of “climate crisis” meetings involving major legacy financial and media institutions including Blackrock and CNN.

Linking “the climate crisis” into changes to population health being seen since last year. Will the masses buy these messages? If the last two years is any indication, there’s a good chance they will.

As petrol-fuelled cars are phased out via taxes, loan refusals and laws being pushed through in multiple locations today, our futures will become more restricted in the name of “climate safety”.

Oil fuelled generators used frequently to charge electric cars.

Human rights and environmental abuses abound in the name of “green energy”.

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